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If life gives you milk, make cheese.

Technology center partners with cheese company.

Through the USDA, Pontotoc Technology Center received a grant to establish a goat cheese plant for milk producers of Southern Oklahoma. Pontotoc Tech now partners with Lovera’s cheese from Krebs, Oklahoma. Lovera’s established their company in 1946. Lovera’s has been making cheese for decades, and they are pleased to be able to expand their cheese production in the Pontotoc Tech incubator. Lovera’s uses cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk in producing cheese at the Pontotoc facility. Cheese is made locally in Ada at the Pontotoc Technology Center. PTC is proud to partner with Lovera’s and provide jobs for Pontotoc citizens.

Apple Market is the local distributor of Lovera’s products in Ada.  The product can be found nationwide through the Whole Foods markets.

Through the help of Proposition 2 funds, City of Ada and Ada Jobs Foundation, Pontotoc Technology Center has been able to upgrade the facility.


Jayma Newport
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

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