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A Marine's Love Story

Like many warriors who have witnessed war first-hand . . . Charles Migliorino, was happy to let those memories fade into the past. But, when his wife of forty plus years found some forgotten audio tapes, he knew he had a final mission to complete.
A Marine's Love Story

Marine Charles and Wife Alice Migliorino

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Show 1207: A Marine's Love Story
Air Date: February 12, 2012

marine love story interview 01
Alice and Charles Migliorino sharing their love story

marine love story interview 02
Audio Tapes playing love messages recorded while at war, found 40 years later by wife.

marine love story interview 03
Charles in the Marines and Alice as queen.

marine love story interview 04
Photos of soldiers from Vietnam War.

marine love story interview 05
Audio tape with interview of Charles' friend Mike, who was killed in action before the war ended.

marine love story interview 06
Charles at Vietnam War.

marine love story interview 07
Photo of Charles and friend in Vietnam, shouldering children. Looking back, he realizes just how he and his fellow soldiers were young kids too.

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