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Certified? . . . It Pays!

WorkKeys and Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificate. Hiring the right employee with the right skills for the right job at the right time . . . every time.
Certified? . . . It Pays!

OG&E applicants are required to have the Career Readiness Certificate.

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Pan Pacific Products
Broken Bow
Est. 1995

Chyrel Fortner, Pan Pacific Products
Chyrel Fortner

"Before 2008, turnover was 96 percent at entry level. Half of the new hires were let go during the 60-day probationary period or quit within a year. Now, after three years of using WorkKeys profiles and Career Readiness Certificates during the hiring process, turnover is 16 percent. We now require it. This is just good business. Now, when we hire five employees, we keep five.

And, they move up!"

- Chyrel Fortner, Human Resources Manager, Pan Pacific Products, Broken Bow

Hitachi Computer Products
Hitachi International Distribution Center
Norman, Okla.

Steven Moates, Hitachi
Steven Moates, Hitachi
"Our success depends on a workforce that is able to adapt to change and operate in a manufacturing and distribution environment that thrives on lean leadership principles. It is more imperative than ever to make sure we’re hiring the best candidates in the marketplace. Thanks to the Career Readiness Certificate we’ve experienced higher morale, lower turnover, increased productivity, and decreased quality issues."

- Steven Moates, Training & Safety Manager / Human Resources
Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.


Ceradyne Boron

Amber Crook Robertson, Ceradyne Boron
Amber Crook Robertson
The hiring process is like putting a puzzle together. And, hiring is costly. WorkKeys is an important piece to that puzzle. The more assessments and information we can gather before hiring an employee gives us the best possible opportunity for success in the workplace. WorkKeys is our primary means to screen and choose applicants that we feel have the basic skills to learn the job.

Amber Crook Robertson, Senior Human Resources Generalist


Gilbert Hall, OG&E
Gilbert Hall
OG&E wants employees who can transition from one job to another, so we invest in our people and our training programs. WorkKeys assessments help us find the right applicants for open positions. We know the scores and ability ratings for applicants who have their Career Readiness Certificate. That knowledge reduces the training time for the new employee. And time is money.

Gilbert Hall, Senior Training Coordinator
OG&E Muskogee Power Plant



SKF Sealing and Solutions Plant


Carolyn Sink, SKF
Carolyn Sink
Our prior intake process for hiring was at the plant where volume was high and applicant quality unknown. The WorkKeys Job Profiling process and applicant's Career Readiness Certificate gave us the knowledge we needed on basic skill requirements. The quantity of applicants has decreased slightly and confidence in the quality of the applicants has solidified. We encourage employers to utilize this process to identify quality candidates and better understand the skills needed for any job in your organization.

Jerry W. Sink, Sr., Human Resources Manager
Carolyn Sink, Training Facilitator


Jerry W. Sink, Sr., SKF
Jerry W. Sink, Sr.


For more information: Oklahoma WorkKeys and Career Readiness Certificate

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workforce screen capture gilbert hall
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