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Mission and Vision Statements


Mission and Vision Statements

Every student has the opportunity to participate in Technology Engineering and to develop an insight and understanding of the impact of technology on society.


It is the mission of Technology Engineering to advance technological literacy and prepare our citizenry to live in a technical world.


1. Enhance career awareness and exploration through an understanding of individual skills and interests as they relate to the technologies used by various occupations.
2. Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate technology and its impacts on environment, culture, and the individual.
3. Promote an understanding of technological systems in terms of their history, evolution, organization, components, and scientific principles.
4. Develop keyboarding and computer literacy skills and promote basic skills in the safe and proper use of tools, machines, materials and processes.
5. Advance integration of Technology Engineering, the sciences, mathematics, language arts, reading, applied academics and other school subjects in practical application.
6. Promote personal growth and develop leadership skills, creative abilities, positive self concepts and individual potential in a technological society.
7. Provide technical assistance, assessment and training for our customers.

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