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What Is Technology Engineering?

Oklahoma Technology Engineering

Technology Engineering defined:

Technology Engineering in Oklahoma is an instructional program that provides young men and women (grades 6-10) with daily, hands-on experiences which enable them to (1) apply and reinforce math and science and become more technologically literate, (2) explore career opportunities, and (3) identify the educational avenues to pursue their interest.

Technology Engineering is aimed at developing the "whole individual," and focuses on self-esteem, self-confidence, and an overall good attitude. The activities are based upon Oklahoma's Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) in Technology Engineering, Math and Science.  This is achieved through state, approved vendor (Curriculum Instructional Materials Center, CIMC), Gateway to Technology (Project lead the Way, PLTW), and Engineering By Design (International Technology Education Association, ITEA) curriculum.

Technology Engineering acquaints students with the impact that technology has made on (1) our society and culture, (2) the economy, (3) the environment, (4) global/international perspectives, and (6) ergonomics. The curriculum activities capitalize on the math and science concepts used at the individual's grade level and integrates the potential for reasoning and problem solving, for imagining and creating, and for construction and thinking critically through the use of tools and materials related to technology.

Students enrolled in Technology Engineering classes in Oklahoma have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of high-tech career fields. These include: Aerospace, Computer Assembly/Applications, Problem Solving, Research and Design, Radio/TV Production, Graphics/Image Processing, Bio-technology, Environmental Impact Studies, Alternative Energy, Electronics/Fiber Optics, Structural Engineering, Lasers/Holography, Robotics and Computer Aided Drafting; to name only a few.


This is the high school piece of Technology Engineering that has been developed through a few current Technology Engineering high school programs.

TechConnect was developed to better provide a structured, effective, benchmarked educational delivery system while maintaining maximum local flexibility in instructional delivery to meet student needs (Controlled Flexibility).  TechConnect more effectively builds on the introduction explorations given at the 6th, 7th,and 8th grades and it focuses on the 9th and 10th grade levels.

This program is designed to work with multiple high school curriculum areas and one area should be through the Engineering by Design developed through (ITEA).

TechConnect is designed as a two-year program.  The TechConnect programs are structured so that students will experience a semester of classroom and laboratory training in each of three occupational content areas determined for the program.  The fourth semester is a focused study of all aspects of the industry in relation to the content area of their choices, from the three occupational content areas.   This fourth piece or “Career Aspects”, capstone course, also includes shadowing, career research, a report, and may include internship, as well as and In-depth Application Project.

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