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Lottery Funds Scholarships


These scholarship dollars are provided by the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund. The purpose of the scholarship is to help CareerTech educators obtain their teaching credential and/or administrator credential.


Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Oklahoma resident.
  • Minimum current GPA 2.5.
  • Attending university or college accredited by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

In addition, applications must fit into the following categories:

1. Full-time CareerTech teacher working toward earning teacher certification or degree in a CareerTech related field. 

        • alternatively certified teacher taking required hours.
        • provisionally certified teacher working toward a degree.
        • certified instructor working toward a degree required by third party accrediting body.

2. Skills Center teacher working toward a teaching credential in a CareerTech related field.

3. College student taking 3000-4000 level courses seeking a bachelor’s degree in education offering career, and technology education programs, as verified by university transcript.

4. Full-time CareerTech system educator (i.e. teacher, Instructional Leader, or supervisor of CareerTech programs) seeking Administrator Certification via Principal or Superintendent Certificate-K-12 teachers seeking principal’s certification (ie: AG, FACS, BMITE instructors)

The Spring Scholarship Application is Open

Spring 2020 Scholarship Application - CLOSED         


  • Award: $200 per credit hour.
  • Nine-hour cap per semester for both undergraduate and graduate hours.

Spring Scholarship Timeline

Application Open: January 17 - February 11

Notice of Award: Applicants will receive notice of conditional award in late March.  Final awards are dependent upon university verification of enrollment.

Award Payments: Payments will be made to the student's university bursar's account.

Common Application Errors

The large number of applications prohibit us from changing or verifying information with you after the application deadline. Therefore, please enter all information carefully. Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be considered. Common application errors include:

  • Submitting classes for the wrong semester. For this, we refer to the schedules of state universities, which means that the fall semester runs from August to December; the spring semester from January to May; and the summer semester from mid-May to mid-August.
  • Selecting the wrong college or university. Oklahoma State University has many sites; make sure you choose the location you are attending. OSU-Tulsa applicants should select Oklahoma State University as their site. If you are taking classes at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, select that name as your site rather than University of Oklahoma.
  • Submitting incorrect student identification number.
  • Submitting incorrect and/or incomplete class information.

Required Information

Note: You will be able to review and change your answers while completing the application. After you hit the submit button, however, you will not be able to change or edit your application.

You will need the following information to complete your application:

    • Student identification number.
    • Class number(s) as listed in catalog.
    • Class title(s) as listed in catalog.

Common Questions

Is a separate application required for each semester?


Can a scholarship be used to pay for classes taken in previous or future semesters?

No. The scholarship applies to the current semester only.

Do I have to be enrolled in college courses before I am considered for this scholarship?

Yes. All application information is verified with the university before payment is made.

What if I am enrolled in more than one school?

You will complete all information for the first school; then you will be asked for information related to the second school.

How often can I apply for the scholarship?

Each semester as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

How much will I receive for my scholarship?

$200 per credit hour.

There is a nine-hour cap per person each semester.

Since the payments for scholarships arrive so late in the semester, I am not able to enroll for the following semester because I have a balance in my bursar account. What can I do about this?

When making a decision to enroll in classes, do not make it based upon receiving this scholarship to pay your bills. Because of our responsibility to be accountable for each dollar spent, we are unable to make payments prior to university verification of the information you provided and the last date for dropping classes. You have the option of paying your account and receiving a reimbursement from the university when the scholarship payment is made. Or you can print the email notifying you of the tentative scholarship approval; some universities will accept this and allow you to enroll in classes for the next semester.

Contact Us

Email questions to:

or call:

Kim Downey 405.743.6831

Deborah Swafford 405.743.5515

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