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Forms & Resources

Oklahoma BPA Bylaws

Updated March 14, 2018

BPA Torch Awards Program (local, regional, state, & national)

Students interested in completing a Torch Award at the different levels should visit the national BPA website by clicking HERE. This website outlines each Torch category, the four different levels of recognition, and allows you to download the Torch Awards Handbook & Torch Awards Guidebook PowerPoint.

For directions on how to access the Torch system click HERE.

To Watch a video to better understand BPA Torch Awards created by Aaron Sattler click HERE.

BPA Cares Award (state & national)

Your chapter is encouraged to become involved in the BPA Cares programs. To learn more please visit the national BPA website by clicking HERE. From this link you can download the BPA Cares Handbook.

To watch a video to help  better understand understand BPA Cares Awards click HERE

BPA Quality Chapter Award (state & national)

Learn how to qualify for the BPA Quality Chapter Award by clicking HERE

Code of Conduct Form

Every student member who participates in an official Business Professionals of America event needs to have a signed Code of Conduct Form on file with his or her local chapter Advisor.  It is the Advisor's responsibility to have all members sign and keep the forms on record for the membership year.

Oklahoma BPA expects a high standard of conduct for members. While in attendance at all conferences, members must adhere to the Oklahoma BPA Code of Conduct.

Statement of Assurance

A current 2018-2019 Statement of Assurance must be on file for all advisors who have a chapter and have students attending leadership conferences hosted by Oklahoma Business Professionals of America. Complete the form and return it to the Oklahoma BPA office by October 01, 2018. All local advisors are required to have a signed conduct form for each BPA member.

This statement requires the signature of an administrator and each local advisor and simply states that a signed Oklahoma BPA Code of Conduct Form is on file for each member. A signed Statement of Assurance Form must be on file, or students will not be able to participate in the conferences, and conference registration will not be released.

If you have a multiple advisor chapter, each advisor must sign and place their information on the form; you may place all individuals' names and information on one form and submit that one form to our office. Oklahoma BPA needs all individuals' information on the form.

Use one of the following options for returning your Statement of Assurance:

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