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Bruce Theinert

Bruce Theinert recently retired from Dell, finishing his career as Dell’s training manager in Oklahoma City. During his 10 years at Dell, he worked as enterprise server manager, high complexity virtualization manager and training manager. He was responsible for setting up the veteran hiring program and has worked with career and technology schools for most of his time at Dell.

Previously, Theinert was the vice president of operations at DCA Services Inc., where he was responsible for account management, implementations, billing operations and the print and mail department. He brought more than 29 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to DCA Services, which he joined in 1993 and where he served in a variety of roles within the company. As vice president of corporate development, Theinert was in charge of sales, marketing, account management, client support, client implementation and training. Previously, Theinert was DCA’s director of operations and interim manager of sales. As director of operations, he was responsible for maintaining personnel, training and hardware to support DCA’s billing operations, quality assurance, billing and provisioning and printing operations. Other positions with the company included operations tech, operations manager, development support and quality assurance manager.

Prior to joining DCA Services, Theinert was systems developer with PSE, where he was responsible for developing networks and applications as a government contractor for the U.S. Air Force. Theinert joined the U.S. Air Force in 1972, working in quality assurance. His career in the Air Force brought him training as a telecommunications operator and telecommunications developer. Other training included telecommunications switch operations, telecommunications software quality assurance, project management training and network management. During his 20 years of working in quality assurance, Theinert developed a program to test the security of the Department of Defense telecommunications systems and established implementation standards for the entire network. He also served as a liaison between contractors and the Air Force and was responsible for certifying new telecommunications systems. Theinert retired from the Air Force in 1992. During his career, he received three commendation medals and one meritorious service medal for the implementation of automated test tools in the development process and for the implementation of the security testing program.

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