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Charles Tasse


Charles Tasse

Charles Tasse is the award winning creator of the Customer Engagement Workshop, an Engagement Methodology for Social Interactions.

Charles is a customer engagement senior master and program manager with Dell. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a systems analyst. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is how he uses engagement in everything that he does.

Based in Oklahoma City, he’s determined to uncover how successful people and companies communicate. He tweets about all things engagement via #IEngage, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in systems analysis and is a master engineer in Dell.

Workshop Description: 

The Customer Engagement Workshop Course covers the following modules:

  • Expose the need to provide a better experience for the customer.
  • The experience has to address both the customer and the Issue.
  • Expose and define customer engagement as the methodology for exceeding customer expectations.
  • Discover how customers and Dell representatives behave when engaged and disengaged.
  • Identify actions and statements that establish and maintain engagement.
  • Implement engagement methodology into everyday use.
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