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Pre-Qualifying Events

Pre-Qualifying Events

The only events that will have a pre-qualifier are some requiring a computer for the application piece of the contest, as listed below (students must complete online test as the pre-qualifier):

Event #Event
200 Fundamental Word Processing
205 Intermediate Word Processing
210 Advanced Word Processing
215 Integrated Office Applications
220 Basic Office Systems & Procedures
225 Advanced Office Systems & Procedures
230 Fundamentals of Spreadsheet Applications
235 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
240 Database Applications
245 Legal Office Procedures
250 Medical Office Procedures
300 Computer Network Technology
305 PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
310 Network Administration Using Microsoft
315 Network Administration Using Cisco
330 Visual Basic / C# Programming
340 JAVA Basic
400 Fundamentals Desktop Publishing
405 Fundamentals of Web Design
415 Digital Publishing

** Note - There is no per-qualifier for 100's, 500's or 900's level events.  Although these events may require an online test or per-submission, all students will be allowed to compete during the conference. 

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