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ICDC Registration


Login to:

  1. Click: Menu, pull down Report and choose ICDC Export.
  2. Choose one of the following:

Choose: Student, Event/Academy, Team # (*See below for numbering).

    • Other Activity: Input insurance beneficiary information.
    • Click: Save, Return to ICDC Export.
    • Note: Team members should have same team number keep number consecutive. 

Choose: Advisors.

    • Choose: Advisor and fill in pertinent information.
    • Click: Save, Return to ICDC Export.

Choose: Guests (Chaperone, Spouse/Family or Judge).

    • Choose: Input each of your chaperones, spouse/family or judges attending one in each box.
    • Click: Save, return to ICDC Export.

3. Print Copies & Report.

4. Click: Export to have a copy of the registration in excel .csv format for yourself AND EMAIL TO Oklahoma State Advisor

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