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HOSA Power Team - Structure, Rules & Guiding Principles

OK HOSA Power Team


(Revised November 12, 2010)

The leadership for the state association is provided by the Health Careers Education Program Manager and/or by the HOSA State Advisor, the Executive Council, and  OKHOSA Power Team.

State Association may provide the following services to local chapters:

Develop a program of work for the year and conduct/coordinate statewide activities.

  • Advise and assist schools seeking chapter status from HOSA.
  • Conduct state HOSA conferences that will include leadership and career development workshops and activities, competitive events, business sessions, general assemblies and other activities as desired by state membership.
  • Provide guidance to the state officer leadership team.
  • Provide leadership in the overall development and promotion of HOSA within the state through the distribution of brochures, newsletters or other informational material.
  • Maintain contact with the National HOSA Headquarters, provide information needed and facilitate the distribution of information and materials from National HOSA to local chapters

OKHOSA , in May 2001, reorganized the Oklahoma State HOSA’s Board of Directors and Trustees into the OKHOSA Power Team, whose members are representatives from the chapter advisors, state Health Careers Education Staff. A neutral facilitator will be provided when necessary.

The team is facilitated by an ODCTE state staff member.  The state Health Careers Education Program Manager, State HOSA Advisor and support staff will each have a single vote on matters and serve as a resource for matters related to budgets and feasibilities of needed actions.  Each school who has at least one HOSA chapter is eligible for least one representative and the schools with more students will have representatives according to the number of HOSA members as of May 1 of the current year.  Each representative has one vote.

Meeting Rules

  • Everyone is free to express opinions openly.
  • Parliamentary procedure will be followed to make all decisions.
  • Silence means agreement.
  • Prioritized list of problems will be developed at each meeting.
  • Raise hand to get floor.
  • Sidebar conversations are not allowed, only one (1) speaker at a time.
  • Can change rules as needed following decision-making rule.
  • Keep budget in mind and manpower limits.
  • Remain mindful of National HOSA requirements.

Guiding Principles   (revised on November 12, 2010)

  1. OKHOSA Power team will approve/disapprove recommendations as presented by committee members or HOSA Power Team members regarding HOSA activities. Once a decision is made it will be effective for one year before it can be brought before the team for evaluation and possible changes.
  2. Meeting will occur one time a year at ODCTE Summer Conference or as necessary.
  3. All matters of concern must be presented to a Power Team member and brought to the Power Team meeting for discussion. Each school with at least one HOSA chapter has an opportunity to have a member (s) present at all Power Team meetings.  All Advisors need to see their Power Team Representative for discussion/input.
  4. Parliamentary procedure will be followed during the meeting.
  5. An ODCTE state staff member will conduct the meetings. The HOSA State Advisor and the HCE State Program Manager will be allowed to provide information as needed about points of discussion with out being limited by Roberts Rule of Order.
  6. Special committees may be formed/appointed as needed.
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