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Meeting Minutes 8/3/2021

HOSA Advisory Council Meeting
August 3, 2021
Oklahoma Summit
“Shatter All Expectations”

Approval of August 2, 2019 minutes
Veretta Parker motioned to accept minutes.
Melissa Johnson seconded motion.
Motion passed

Old Business

New Business

            --2021-2022 Important Dates-posted on OKHOSA website
            --2020-2021 Membership and ILC Statistics
                   2019-2020-6672 members + 1649 alumni = 8321
                   2020-2021-5839 members + 1661 alumni = 7500  (Decrease of 821 members = -10%)

                   2019 Fall Leadership Conference-1205
                   2020 Fall Leadership Conference-972  (Decrease of 233 = -19%)                            

                   2020 State Leadership Conference-3195
                   2021 State Leadership Conference-2047 (Decrease of 1,148 = -36%)                        

                   2020 International Leadership Conference-321
                   2021 International Leadership Conference-272 (Decrease of 49 = -15%)                            

                   HOSA Hero-Julia Lewis, ICTC Tahlequah
                   Outstanding Alumni-David Kelly, MD
                   50 students in the Top 10 Competitive Event winners
                   Top 10 Healthcare Issues Exam-Sarah Bird, FTTC
                   Oklahoma HOSA recognized as state association with highest combined volunteer hours                    for HOSA Service Project-2050 hours
                   Oklahoma HOSA donated $16,046.75 to HOSA Service Project
                   Oklahoma HOSA members logged 4,518.65 community service volunteer hours
                   Anatomage Tournament- 3rd Place-Super Baguettes from Tulsa Tech-Union High School
                   4th Place-Rads for Life from Metro Tech

            --2021-2022 CE Updates-
            --On-Demand Learning Opportunities-Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas
            --Camp IGNITE-Amy Warner and Shane Brashears

Shane Brashears presented information and promo video for Camp IGNITE
Since a lot of our members are high school seniors or in one year programs, we emphasized that this camp is not necessarily meant to “build your chapter” but to “build our students as leaders” which can benefit them in college, jobs, future, etc.
Dates-May 24-26, 2022 at Camp CrossPointe in Kingston, OK
Cost-unknown at this point but will be comparable to FFA Alumni Camp and SkillsUSA SLI.  Cost will be determined and announced at FLC
Discussion-camp format, need for advisors to attend, ability for postsecondary students to attend.
For every 10 student members, a school must send one advisor.  This first advisor will attend camp free of charge.

            --Election of OK HOSA Board of Directors

Secondary HOSA Advisor-Amy Warner
Postsecondary HOSA Advisor-Renee Sherrill
Biomed HOSA Advisor-Mia Sweetman
Large School HOSA Advisor-Julie Foster
Small School HOSA Advisor-Polly Cottom
Administrator-Dwayne Gardner

Other Business


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