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Happy New School Year!
HOSA National Theme-“Towards Tomorrow”
HOSA Oklahoma Theme- “Ignite Your Passion”
National HOSA website
Oklahoma HOSA website

 1.  Membership Affiliation- is now open.
     a.  Affiliation Process
     b.  Membership Recruitment Videos

2.  Important Dates-
     a. 2019-2020 Important Dates

3.  OK HOSA Committees-During the HOSA Advisory Council meeting, we talked about some projects and committees.  I have tried to explain what each committee would involve but if you have additional question please call me. Please let me know where you would like to help by completing this survey.
     a. Competitive Events Guideline Review Committee-National HOSA has welcomed assistance with review of the competitive event guidelines for consistency and clarity.  They understand that advisors and students are the ones using the guidelines on a day to day basis and would have the knowledge to clarify the guidelines.
     b. Summer Leadership Camp Committee-Other CTSO’s have leadership camps/conference for their students.  OK HOSA would like to investigate this possibility.  Results of the “fact finding” will be presented next year at HOSA Advisory Council meeting.
     c. SLC College and Career Expo Committee-This committee would help with finding exhibitors
     d. Competitive Event Personnel Orientation Video Committee-This committee will produce a video to assist CE personnel with expectations, processes, and FAQ about the judging and running of competitive events.  DECA produced a video last year,  please take a look

     e. HOSA New Advisor Mentors-Would you be willing to serve as a HOSA Mentor to a new HOSA advisor?  OR   Are you a new HOSA advisor and would like to be partnered with an advisor mentor?
4.  Competitive Events Guidelines- will be posted on National HOSA website on September 1, 2019
5.  Fall Leadership Conference- the following information is linked at > Conferences > Fall Leadership Conference
     a. Dress Code
     b. Registration Fee
     c. Conference Date
     d. Conference Location
     e. Hotel Reservation Information and Process
     f.  Code of Conduct
     g. Medical Liability Form
     h. General Conference Information
     i.  Certificate of Participation

6. “Be the Change” for National Pediatric Cancer Foundation -we will be collecting change (dollar bills and checks would be GREAT!) at Fall Leadership Conference to start off the year
7. State and Local Officers  information linked to OK HOSA website
     a. 2019-2020 State Officer Application
     b. How to Become an Oklahoma HOSA State Officer
     c. Selection Process

Please check out everything on the OK HOSA website
Please let me know if you have any questions-----I am here to help!

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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