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International Leadership Conference

      Registration fee of $135 per attendee payable to
      1500 W. 7th Ave.
      Stillwater, OK  74074

      ILC Dress Code

      International Leadership Conference Dress Code: You Tube Video
                     ILC Dress Code Photo1    ILC Dress Code Photo2       ILC Dress Code Photo3                ILC Dress Code Photo4                     ILC Dress Code Photo5                              ILC Dress Code Photo6                ILC Dress Code Photo7   

        ILC Dress Code Photo8      ILC DRess Code Photo9                  ILC Dress Code Photo10

      Future ILC Destinations:
          2020, Houston, Texas - June 24-27
          2021, Orlando, Florida - June 23-26
          2022, Nashville, Tennessee - June 22-25
          2023, Dallas, Texas - June 21-24
          2024, Orlando, Florida - June 26-29
          2025 Nashville, Tennessee - June 18-21
          2026 Dallas, Texas - June 24-27


      Conference Information:



      HOSA ILC Email #1

      HOSA ILC Email #2

      HOSA ILC EMail #3 Not Posted

      HOSA ILC Email #4

      HOSA ILC Email #6

      HOSA ILC Email #7

                         2019 ILC Press Release

                         2019 ILC Award and Recognition Data



      Code of Conduct 2019-2020Code of Conduct 2019-2020 (fillable) best opened in Internet Explorer
      Medical Release 2019-2020
      Medical Release 2019-2020 (fillable) best opened in Internet Explorer

      NLC Power Points:

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