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HOSA ILC Email #1

First I want to thank everyone for helping with events plus “voluntolding” some of your students to help as timers, patients, victims, etc.  This conference could not even get off the ground if it wasn’t for your help.  We had over 3050 students, advisors, and guests registered for this year’s conference!

I hope you and your students enjoyed the Opening Session with Jill Donovan, EXPO, social activities, and Grand Award Session.

1. All SLC competitive event 1st place winners will be receiving $100 stipend.  The checks will be mailed to the advisor within a couple of weeks.

2. The 2019 Award Session power point is linked to the OK HOSA website.

3. ILC information is on the National HOSA website at http://ilc.hosa.org

4. OK ILC information is on the Oklahoma HOSA website

5. ILC registration is $135 per attendee  ($90 Nt. HOSA+ $45 OK HOSA = $135) payable to OK HOSA, 1500 W. 7th Ave, Stillwater, OK  74074

6. Online Conference Registration deadline is Friday, May 3, 2019.  After May 3rd, I have to review everyone’s registration for accuracy and then validate for National HOSA.

7. Code of Conduct and Medical Liability Forms are due to me by May 3rd as well.  You can scan and email them to me at Debbie.bennett@careertech.ok.gov

8. ILC t-shirts-all conference attendees will receive an OK ILC t-shirt.  You and your students will receive the same size shirt that you ordered for SLC unless you email me before May 3rd with a change.  If you have an ILC attendee who did not attend SLC, please email me their shirt size.

9. OK HOSA is responsible for the following competitive events.  Just like at SLC, we need ALL advisors to help with an event.  Please let me know where you would like to help.  All of these times are the STARTING times so event personnel will need to arrive earlier.  Once I know details, I will let you know.

     a. Testing (DS,VS,SM,PT)-Thursday at 2pm
     b. Dental Science-Round 2-Friday at 8am
     c. Testing (Middle School)-Friday at 9am
     d. Forensic Science-Round 2-Friday at 12:30pm

10. OK HOSA is allowed three (3) individual or team per event at ILC.  If you have 1st-3rd place winners not attending ILC, please let me know because there are some 4th and 5th place winners who would like to attend.

11. Trading pins—If you would like to pre-conference order trading pins, please email me the number of pins and send me the money ($2 each) before ILC.  Please make the check out to OKHOSA, 1500 W.7th Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074

After May 3rd registration deadline, only those advisors attending ILC will receive ILC emails 

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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