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HOSA VILC Email #4

Registration is closed and confirmed to National HOSA for a GRAND TOTAL of 321 Oklahoma students and advisors registered!

I am so pleased that many schools allowed their 1st-5th place winners register for the 3 slots that Oklahoma is allowed.  I hope this shows administration that 2nd-5th place winners are still very viable competitors on an international level.

A few reminders:

  1.  If you made a substitution on a team, the new team member MUST upload the Tallo required documents for that event.
  2. Tallo submission deadline is June 1, 2020
  3. VSLC Medals, Certificates, and Walk Shirts—I will not be able to travel in state until June sometime (I haven’t been released to travel) BUT if you or someone you know will be traveling to Stillwater and would like to pick up your medals, certificates, and shirts, please let me know.  I have them bagged by chapter.

I am looking forward to the success of the Virtual International Leadership Conference!

Please let me know if you have any questions

Take Care

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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