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ILC Email #4

Good Morning,

Are you ready for your summer break!-------and HOSA ILC!!!!

Please continue to check your school emails until conference because I will be sending additional information until we all arrive in sunny Florida!

  1.  Please review HOSA ILC #1, #2, #3 ---these are linked to the OK HOSA website under Conferences and then ILC
  2. Please bring your SLC advisor polo.  You will wear this polo during the event you are helping with.  This is a great way to identify other Oklahoma advisors.
  3. Conference registration will be on Wednesday, June 21 from 8am-1pm in Coronado M-T. 
  4. If you are traveling on Wednesday, I suggest you and your students “carry on” your professional dress.  Late or lost baggage is NOT a valid reason for not having the appropriate dress for competition and/or Opening Session.
  5. Any competitive event changes/drops deadline----Tuesday, June 20 at 6pm.  If you know of changes/drops before, June 16, please email me that information.  After June 16, text me any last minute drops to 405-269-6630
  6. Trading pins will be available for purchase for $2 each at conference.  If you would like to pre-conference order pins, please send me an email and money prior to June 5.
  7. National HOSA app---make sure and download the Nt HOSA app.  Information including room locations are already on the app.  Allow “notifications” because this is where updates and Round 2 announcements will be made.
  8. Thank you to all the advisors for helping with an Oklahoma sponsored event at ILC.  Just like at SLC, it takes EVERYONES help to have a successful ILC.  I am always so impressed and grateful of our OK advisors who step up and go above and beyond the minimum for HOSA and the students!  I will be sending event details as time gets closer so continue to check you emails!
  9. BIG changes concerning the Oklahoma Social----I do not have exact details yet so PLEASE continue to watch your emails or else you and your students will miss out!
  10. ILC dress code---ILC dress code is different than Oklahoma SLC dress code!  Please refer to the ILC guide on page 32 for the dress code definition for ILC.  If you have any questions about this, PLEASE contact me prior to conference.  I would hate for your students to lose points or not be able to able to attend session due to dress.  ILC guide in located at   ilc.hosa.org/node/1

If you have any questions concerning the plans for ILC, please email or give me a call!

See you soon----

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor



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