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ILC Email #4

Two Weeks and Counting!

On May 23rd, I sent emails to everyone with your competitive event information that you are helping with.  Please check your email for this information!  Just like at SLC, it takes everyone’s help to make the OK sponsored events run smoothly!  Remember to wear your pink SLC polo!

  1. Ilc.hosa.org/node/1
    1. HOSA ILC Tentative Agenda
    2. ILC Official Dress Code
    3. Competitive Event Information
    4. Nt Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center Information
    5. Stop the Bleed Information
    6. Shuttle Bus Schedule
    7. HOSA Day in Orlando Information
    8. CareerSafe Opportunity Information
    9. Conference Registration-Wednesday, June 19th , 8:00am-1:00pm in Coronado Springs, Ballroom K.  If you can not make it by 1:00pm, please contact me.
    10. Competitive Event/Registration Changes-please let me know as soon as possible of any competitive event drops.  Deadline is Tuesday, June 18th at 6pm
    11. My cell number-405-269-6630  Please feel free to contact me anytime during ILC.  I am there to help you make ILC an amazing experience for you and your students.
    12. National HOSA App- please download the National HOSA App.  This will help you with schedules, updates, and conference information.  Round 2 advancers and appointment times will be posted on the App.
    13. Photo ID-remember all competitors are required to present a valid photo ID at all orientations and appts for competitive events.
    14. Participation Certificate-there is a 2019 HOSA Participation Certificate on the National HOSA website at ilc.hosa.org/participate
    15. Disney Gift Cards-remember your Disney Card Sign Out Sheet.  You must have this form signed by each of your conference registrants in order to receive the gift card.
    16. HOSA Patch Exchange- remember to bring your old HOSA patches to exchange for the “new and improved” patch.  From what I understand, the patch exchange will be available during the EXPO hours at a table set up outside the EXPO entrance doors.
    17. Trading Pins-I have stopped taking pre-conference trading pins orders.  There will be pins to purchase at ILC for $2.00 each.

Please let me know if you have any questions or I have missed any needed information

Safe Travels and see you soon in  Orlando!



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