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ILC Email #6

HOSA ILC------1 week!

  1.  The HOSA ILC Program Book is now linked to the National HOSA website at www.hosa.org/node/562.  Please review the entire program for very important information. The program now includes competitive event room assignments.

Items include:

                Competitive Event/Conference Agenda----pages 6-19

                Educational Symposiums----page 27-54

                Bus Schedule----page 62

                Dress Code----page 68

  1. Drops/Changes deadline is Tuesday, June 20 at 6pm. But I will take this information now if you know.
  2. Trading Pins are still available for purchase at registration on Wednesday. If you or your students are purchasing a large quantity of pins, I would appreciate a check made out to OK HOSA instead of cash.  Change and bills are heavy to transport back to OK in my suitcase. Thanks for your help with this.

Please call or text me with ANY questions before or during ILC.

All for Now-----

See you soon in Florida!


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