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VILC Email #7

Good Evening,

VILC is quickly approaching----I hope you and your students are excited and plan to attend any opportunities

I had a state advisor meeting today and I wanted to share information.

  1.  The conference platform is called Communique.  All registered attendees should have received an email from Communique with log on information.  If a registered attendee did not receive an email (I did not), the conference platform is located at https://hosa.6connex.us/event/virtualevents/2021ilc/login        After getting to this location, the registered attendees log on is their email address which is linked to their conference registration.
  2. If you or your students has any questions this week, please contact National HOSA at:
         Competitive Event Help Line:  1-888-231-6403
         HOSA Online Testing Support: 1-888-345-9942 (or) email at hosatesting@gmail.com
         HOSA Headquarters: 1-800-321-4672
  3. Please remember that times posted on Communique and the National HOSA website for events is Eastern Time.  I would hate for your student to miss their event due to the time.
  4. Competitive event appointment time will be posted in Communique under the Competitive Events tab.
  5. Competition times WILL NOT be emailed to student.  It is the students responsibility to check Communique for appt and competition time.
  6. Competitive Events tests are open for a 4 hour window of time.
  7. National Geographic Academic Tests are open from 12noon on Wednesday to 2pm on Friday  (eastern time)
  8. Anatomage tournament—if you have any questions, check  www.anatomage.com/anatomage-tournaments-hosailc

If you or your students have questions, please review the National HOSA website, Communique conference platform, and Event Modifications or call any of the phone numbers in #2 above.

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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