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Code of Conduct 2017-2018

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National HOSA Conduct Code

A good reputation enables members to take pride in their organization. HOSA members have an excellent reputation. Your conduct at any HOSA function should make a positive contribution to the reputation that has been established.

1.  Your behavior at all times should be such that it reflects credit to you, your school, your state and HOSA.
2.  Member/Attendee conduct is the responsibility of the local chapter advisor. Members/Attendees shall keep their advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times. (HOSA Conference name badges shall be worn at all times at HOSA functions)
3.  You are expected to attend all general sessions and other scheduled conference activities. Please be prompt and show respect to those in the audience and on stage.
4.  Members are to report any accidents, injuries or illnesses to their local or state advisor immediately.
5.  Members are expected to observe the designated curfew. (Curfew means that each person must be in own room by the designated hour.)
6. If a member/attendee is responsible for stealing or vandalism, the member/attendee and his/her parents will be expected to pay any and all damages.
7.  Members/participants attending any HOSA activity/conference may not purchase, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time. Violators will be subject to stringent disciplinary action.
8.  All HOSA Conferences are a non-smoking conference.  Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Show respect to roommates.
9.  Members/attendees who disregard the rules will be subject to disciplinary action and will be sent home at their own expense. Parents will be notified.
10. Any long distance phone calls, charges to the room, etc. will be the responsibility of the individual member/attendee and/or parents.
11. Members are to abide by the HOSA Attire Policy at all business sessions, general sessions, competitive events and other Conference activities.
12. As a HOSA member, permission is granted to make photographs, videotapes, broadcasts, and/or sound recordings, separately or in combination, available for reproduction for educational and promotional purposes by Oklahoma and National HOSA.

GENERAL SESSION PROTOCOL: The general sessions should be enthusiastic but delegates must not be rude or obnoxious to those in the audience or on stage. It is important to remain seated until the end of the session. States that do not adhere to general session protocol will be asked to send a representative to a special meeting of the National Executive Council.

I understand and will adhere to HOSA’s Dress Code Policy for all general sessions and for social activities.  I have read the Code of Conduct for HOSA conferences and agree to abide by these rules.


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Rev 6/2017

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