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HOSA SLC Email #1


Good Morning,

I wanted to let you know as soon as possible of the plans for 2021 Oklahoma HOSA State Leadership Conference.

It was a difficult decision but with not knowing what April 2021 will look like as far as social distancing, virtual learning, masks, etc.——the decision has been made that 2021 Oklahoma HOSA State Leadership Conference will be virtual. 

All competitive events will be offered.

Some events will require additional Tallo submissions, some will be online tests, some will be combined Tallo and test, some will be test and live via Zoom, and some will be live via Zoom.  Some events may take place prior to the original conference dates of April 12-14.  A true hybrid! 

I have begun putting the details together for each events but I have attached a preview of what it might look like.  Please understand that this is a work in progress at this time. 

I am working on the conference platform. 

I am working on the competitive event schedule.

I am working on the conference details.

Please follow and like Oklahoma HOSA Facebook and Instagram------A LOT of information will be posted on these sites as well. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Hopefully, I will have answers.

National HOSA told the state advisors that the plans for ILC will be announced after their January 9th Board meeting.

Have a great weekend---stay safe and warm

Debbie Bennett, State Hosa Advisor

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