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HOSA SLC Email #13

Good Afternoon,

WOW ------Virtual competitive events-------what a stressful yet amazing experience for our students, judges, advisors and even your HOSA state staff!

Today at lunch Lara asked, what would you do different if we ever have to do this again-----

I have already thought about ideas that would make this a smoother experience-----but let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t have to put them into place.

  1.  Attached you will find the DRAFT Virtual SLC agenda.  I don’t plan on any changes but I need to keep that option open.
  2. Attached you will find the SAMPLE conference log on informational email that will be sent to all valid emails for conference registrants. 
  3. The email with conference logon information will be sent to all valid emails for conference registrants on Friday.  If your students do not have valid emails in the system, they will not receive log on credentials.  There is nothing that I will be able to do about changing their email addresses at this point.  Please remind your students to check their SPAM and the Promotions file (if they have a gmail email address).
  4. Competitive event winners will be announced at the Awards Session on Wednesday, April 14th
  5. Winners lists will be posted on the OKHOSA website AFTER April 14th
  6. ILC information is

See you at Opening Session on Monday, April 12th

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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