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HOSA SLC Email #14


OK HOSA SLC Opening Session ----check!

I hope you enjoyed the Opening Session and keynote speaker, Mr. Stan Clark.

The Opening Session was pushed live at 9am today but is now in the “on demand” status.  You can access the session at any time now.

The Award Session will be pushed live at 9am on Wednesday and then after that it will be in the “on demand” status.  You can access the session any time after the live 9am session concludes.

The competitive event winners lists will be posted on the OKHOSA website next week.

Please visit the Exhibit Hall.  These exhibitors have donated over $3,000 towards OK HOSA scholarships.  Please support those who support OKHOSA.

All these breakout sessions will be available for 6 months.  Please take advantage of this accessibility.  Six months accessibility is even into the 2021-2022 school year!  Some of these breakout session would be great to introduce HOSA leadership and community service to next year’s students!

Thank you for believing in and supporting Oklahoma HOSA

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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