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HOSA SLC Email #15

Wahoo---2021 OK SLC in the books and on to planning for 2021 Virtual International Leadership Conference!

I will be delivering or mailing all the SLC boxes with your polo shirts and medals this week.  Please be watching for email or texts from me about delivery day and time.  Those that will be mailed will go out later this week.

We are very fortunate because of donations from exhibitors, OCHETA, and private individuals, OK HOSA is proud to announce that ALL 1st place winners will be receiving a $100 stipend check.  These checks will be mailed to the advisor in 2-3 weeks.

First and foremost---please DO NOT depend on my emails to get you all the information you need.  Please review the National HOSA website for details!

I have reviewed the National HOSA website about VILC and here is what I have to share at this point. > Conferences > International Leadership Conference

Conference Registration: Fee is $60 per conference attendee (student, advisors, guests, etc).  For students this fee also includes one National Geographic Learning Academic Test.  You will register your students for the NGL Academic Test when you register them for conference.  Additional tests are $20.00 each.  VILC registration deadline is May 15, 2021.  Any changes after May 15, will have to go through me.

Competitive Events:

Event Modifications: Tallo submissions are due on the ILC location by May 15, 2021.  The OKHOSA SLC Tallo submission will not be accepted for ILC.  Your student MUST resubmit the required documents on the ILC location by the deadline---May 15th.   Submission instructions are located at

It is VERY important that you and your students READ these event modifications!

Specific Event Modifications: These modifications are by event.  It is VERY important that your students understand these modifications!

Agenda:  All event times are listed in Eastern Time Zone.  This is extremely important!  We don’t want your student to miss their event because of the time zone.

Judges:  Please consider volunteering to assist with competitive event judging.  You do not have to register for conference to assist with judging.

From the Vault:  This is the location for all the conference updates and important information.  Keep an eye on this!

After I review the website, I had some questions for National HOSA.  Here are my questions and their answers:

My questions:

  1. Do Anatomage team members have to be registered for VILC?
  2. Do judges have to be registered for VILC?
  3. Are you accepting local advisors as judges this year?
  4. CN-Round 2 simulated video example—-I just want to confirm.  For all Round 2 skills, the student(s) will only be judged on the verbal answer no matter what the computerized visual answer looks like (example—steps 5-9).  Since the skill is timed, the student should not spend a whole lot of time trying to maneuver the mouse to “show” the skill but just verbalize the answer.

National HOSA answers:

1.  Anatomage team members will need to be registered for VILC.

2.  Judges do not have to register.  Please direct any interested folks to

3.  We will assign industry folks first but if we have needs for judges beyond that we will use local advisors.

4.  We are not testing how well students can use the computer programs for the skill events.  We will be judging what the competitor verbalizes.  Those helping with the event will be told that if they have not been successful after two tries to assist the competitor to move on.  We are encouraging competitors in the skills events to watch the video that explains skill events (  and the practice scenario (

Advisor Webinar from National HOSA
Save the Date for this upcoming webinar. Additional details including the Zoom links will be forthcoming.  This time is EST so for us on CST this webinar is at 12:00noon! I will forward the Zoom information when I receive it.

April 22, 1:00 PM EST — VILC Competitive Events Innovations — Local and State Advisors

Please let me know if you have any questions about the 2021 VILC---

I believe this is all for now----

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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