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HOSA SLC Email #2


1.   Competitive Events STEM Premier Submission-instructions are linked to the  
       website>State Leadership Conference>STEM Premier Competitive Events Instructions. 

The following events have a STEM Premier submission:

                Clinical Specialty
                Life Support Skills
                Job Seeking Skills
                Speaking Skills
                Health Education
                Health Career Photography
                Medical Innovation (Existing and Original)
                Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking
                Public Service Announcement
                Interviewing Skills
                MRC Partnership
                Personal Care
                Community Awareness

All STEM Premier Submissions are due Wednesday, March 13, 2019.  Round 1 for Job Seeking Skills, Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking, Health Career Photo, and Public Service Announcement will be judged from the STEM Premier submission.

2.   Competitive Event personnel-Please let me know which event you would like to help with?  The
      proposed 2019 agenda will be similar to last year.  I am meeting with Embassy Suites and MNTC later
      this month to confirm schedule.  ALL advisors (even newbies) are required to help with an event.
      Oklahoma would not be able to provide the quality event are students deserve without EVERYONES
      help.  I have attached the 2018 agenda for your reference.

 3.  Testing Proctors-If you have a new testing proctor from last year, please send me their name and email
      address.  Also tell me who to remove.  I will be sending testing information to the proctors after the 1st of

 4.  HOSA Activity Tracking System (HATS)-for OK SLC recognition, submission deadline is
      March 13,  2019

      Barbara James Service Award
      MRC Volunteer Recognition
      HOSA Service Project
      Submission instruction are on the event guidelines.  If you submitted NPCF money at FLC, please have
      one student document the amount on HATS.  If you need to know your amount, please contact me.

Please let me know if you have any questions



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