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HOSA SLC Email #7


1.  Due to the unknown weather for the next week, I have OPENED SLC registration today.  Registration will still CLOSE on Friday, February 19th !  Due to the fact that testing starts on Feb 25, conference registration MUST close on February 19th.  Please be prepared to register you and your students for SLC even if you are working from home.

2.  Okielympic BE THE MATCH door/poster decoration- please email pictures of your door/poster whenever you can.  Due to the unknown weather, I feel that the flexibility for Okielympic door/poster decorating is important. 

3.  Okielympic HOSA Bingo—-February 17th. Since this event is via Zoom, students can still participate even if at home.  Please make sure that your students have already filled in their Bingo card with the HOSA words before Wednesday.  Each student can have up to two cards!  A Bingo card template and the HOSA words are within SLC Email #4-Submission Forms for the Okielympics

Please let me know if you have any questions---

Stay safe and warm!

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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