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I know that this has been a very unusual SLC.  There are so many UPDATES and changes happening on a daily bases.  It is so vital that you read my emails and check the OKHOSA website frequently for information.

1.  I know there has been some issues with students getting their testing log on information. 

Here are some things that you might have them check---

  •  Check their SPAM/JUNK folder
  • If using a school email address, check to make sure the school system is not BLOCKING an email from
  • Make sure they know which email address was linked to their membership affiliation.  We have discovered that many advisors entered the advisors email address for every student.
  • If using a Gmail account, check their “Promotions” folder.

2.  The 2021 Virtual Competitive Event Timeline has been UPDATED as of yesterday.  I have attached a copy.  The March 1 UPDATES are in green.  This document will help you with CE deadlines.

3.  It is very important that your students review the following documents in order to make sure they have ALL event information and UPDATES:

     a. Guidelines from National HOSA website
     b.  2021 Virtual Competitive Events Timeline UPDATE March 1 from OK HOSA website
     c.  Event Information and Event Modifications from the OK HOSA website

4.  Event Information and Event Modifications for Round 2 for Health Professions and Emergency Preparedness are posted on the OKHOSA website.  These are VERY IMPORTANT documents!  Please review them and then call me with questions. 

5.  In order for your students to receive individual log on credentials for State Leadership Conference access on April 12-14, a valid individual email address MUST be in the system for each conference registrant.  I am asking for you to check email addresses for each conference registrant and confirm its accuracy.  MANY emails have been incorrect by one letter---one number---.  If you find incorrect addresses and you want each registrant to receive individual access, you must send me the students name with their correct email address by March 10th.

6.  Since Health Professions and Emergency Preparedness Round 2 skills will be performed at school/home,  the student is responsible for ALL supplies and equipment needed for the skill.

7. March 10 deadline
     a.  CE Tallo submissions (if applicable)
     b.  Scholarship applications
     c.  Star Chapter applications
     d.  Barbara James Service Award hours on HATS
     e.  HOSA Service Project hours/donations on HATS
     f.   Be The Match Walk registration
     g.  Outstanding Advisor, “Rookie Advisor” and Administrator recognition

8.  March 1 Zoom meeting:

Please call or email me with any questions---I don’t want your student to miss a deadline

Debbie Bennett
Oklahoma HOSA State Advisor

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