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Membership Instructions

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<title>HOSA National Online Affiliation is now up and running</title>
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  HOSA&nbsp; Membership Affiliation</font></p>
HOSA Membership Affiliation is available online.&nbsp; Please click on the link 
below to begin the process.&nbsp; All HOSA advisors are also required to 
affiliate and pay dues.&nbsp; Dues are 
$15 per member, payable to National HOSA.&nbsp; 
National HOSA<br>
6021 Morriss Road, Suite 111<br>
Flower Mound, TX&nbsp; 75028</div>
  Chapter affiliation is quick and easy using National HOSA's Online 
  Affiliation. Before you begin, be sure you have your chapter's charter number 
  and password, and a list of members to affiliate. For each member, you will be 
  asked to provide:
    <li>Classification (secondary or postsecondary) </li>
    <li>Organization and title (for professional members) </li>
    <li>Address (you can use the school address)</li>
    <li>Phone and Fax </li>
    <li>E-mail address </li>
  <p>If you don't know your chapter's charter number and password, call Oklahoma 
	HOSA State Advisor Debbie Shumaker, at 405/743-6843.&nbsp; If you are 
  a new chapter, call National HOSA headquarters at 1-800-321-HOSA for 
  assistance. </p>
  <p><font face="Arial" size="2">
    <a href="">
    Membership Online Affiliation - Dues</a></font></p>


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