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State and Officer Candidate Application 2017-18


Oklahoma HOSA State Officer

Oklahoma HOSA
1500 W. 7th Ave. Ÿ Stillwater, OK  74074
WWW.okhosa . org

Oklahoma HOSA State Officer Packet

This officer application packet contains some very important information.  Carefully read it prior to completing the forms.  Once you have thoroughly reviewed the packet, provide all the required information and return this by US mail to Debbie Bennett, Oklahoma HOSA Advisor, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, 1500 W. 7th Avenue, Stillwater, OK 74074 by September 18, 2017. Entire application must be typed and in State Advisor office by September 18, 2017.

This Packet Contains:
            Procedure for Becoming a HOSA State Officer
            Study Guide for Online Test
            State Officer Application
            Officer/Advisor/School Memorandum of Understanding
            Statement of Support
            Applicant Information Sheet
            2017-2018 Required HOSA State Officer/Advisor Dates
            Medical Liability Release Form
            State Officer Code of Conduct
            State Officer Selection Process

Each applicant:
1. MUST be an affiliated HOSA member.
2. Submit State Officer Candidate Application (by September 18, 2017)
3. Submit YouTube video link (by September 18, 2017)
4. Submit electronic script of campaign speech (by September 18, 2017)
5. Take an online test  (September 18-20, 2017 at local school)

The Oklahoma HOSA State Officer team consists of 10 members: President, Vice President and 8 Representatives.

The top applicants will advance to the Interview Selection meeting at ODCTE in Stillwater on September 26, 2017.  Appropriate dress for the Interview Selection meeting is solid color slacks (at least ankle length) or solid color skirt (at least knee length) with a solid color polo shirt (no logos except HOSA logos).

At the Interview Selection meeting, each applicant will:
1. Participate in an interview
2. Read a portion of an SLC script (cold reading)
3. Write a sample thank you note
4. Present an introductory  talk about themselves

            The applicant will draw one of the following statements to complete
            1. My future career goals are……
            2. The most influential person in my life has been……..because……
            3. What makes me unique is….

YouTube Video----The applicant’s campaign speech (2 minutes or less in length) will be recorded at the applicant’s  school and submitted via YouTube.  Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and why you want to be an Oklahoma HOSA State Officer.  The YouTube video must be directed by the applicant.  The video will be best viewed if it is filmed horizontally; audio clear and recorded at a high quality volume.

The link to the YouTube video must be emailed to and in the subject line it should state: “(applicant name) campaign speech” no later than September 18, 2017.

An electronic script (Word document) of the speech must be submitted to Debbie Bennett at by September 18, 2017.  The subject line should state: “(applicant name) electronic script”. This electronic script is necessary to meet the state closed captioning regulations. The campaign speech should be for “HOSA State Officer” not “President”, “Vice President”, or “Representative”.  The reason for this is that a applicant may be asked to run for their second choice and if they campaign for a specific office then the speech may be inaccurate.  Since speeches will be posted on the OK HOSA website, it is recommended that applicants do not indicate what school they attend or town they live in.

The Nominating Committee and the State Advisor shall have the authority to change the applicants from the office originally selected with the applicant’s consent.  An applicant may be slated for his/her second choice.  The applicant may also be asked to change office in the event there is no other choice.  A State Officer applicant must score a 70% or better in the interview portion in order to be slated.

No campaigning for office may take place at the State Officer Interview meeting. Verbal campaigning, ONLY, may be done at the Fall Leadership Conference.  No props, costumes, candy or posters, etc. are to be used at FLC. Any campaigning (including the use of social networking sites) prior to FLC will result in disqualification.

Officers will be announced and installed at Fall Leadership Conference on October 23, 2017 and will assume all responsibilities upon installation.  Candidates are required to be in official HOSA dress at Fall Leadership Conference.

Online test available September 18-20, 2017.  Access instructions will be sent to the school’s testing liaison.

References for Study Guide:
*Oklahoma HOSA @
*National HOSA @
*State Officer Application Packet

Sample Questions:
In what year did the acronym, “HOSA”, change from meaning “Health Occupations Students of America” to just, “HOSA-Future Health Professionals”?
a.         1954
b.         1974
c.         2012
d.         2004

The National HOSA Bylaws can be amended by:
   a.         A 2/3 vote of the national delegate assembly
   b.         A majority vote of the national delegate assembly
   c.         The HOSA, Inc. Board of directors
   d.         The HOSA, Inc. Corporate Body

Which of the following is a way to amend a main motion?
   a.         Insert
   b.         Strike Out
   c.         Strike Out/Insert
   d.         All of the Above





Postsecondary    ________                                        Secondary _______

School _______________________________________________________

Advisor ________________________Advisor Email _______________________________                            

Advisor Cell # ___________________________________

Candidate Home Address___________________________________________________________           

                                                           Street                                    City                                        Zip         Candidate Email______________________________________                                                                     

Candidate Cell #   ____________________________ 

Candidate Birthdate___________________________________                         

Emergency Contact Name_______________________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone #________________________________________

I request consideration as a candidate for the HOSA State office(s) checked below:  (Please number to show order of preference.)  I understand that I may be slated for either office and will have the opportunity to decline the nomination. 

___     President/Vice President

___     Secondary Representative

___     Postsecondary Representative



Expectations of an Oklahoma HOSA State Officer:

1.          Be committed to HOSA and promote HOSA’s goals and objectives in every way possible.
2.          Be enrolled in a regularly scheduled Health Careers program during term of office.
3.          Maintain “good standings” status at their local school throughout the ENTIRE term.
4.          Be a state and national dues paid HOSA member.
5.          Attend the current year’s Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) as a candidate for election.
6.          Complete the term of office, accepting this honor as a responsibility to the local program and to   Oklahoma HOSA.
7.          Know the duties and functions of the office for which selected and fulfill all responsibilities for the ENTIRE term (If selected for the office of secretary, the minutes of the meeting must be submitted within 2 weeks after each meeting.  This is a combined responsibility of both the officer and local advisor).
8.          Accept the role and responsibility as a member of the Oklahoma HOSA State Officer Team as written in the Oklahoma HOSA Bylaws and Oklahoma Policy and Procedures.
9.          Be in possession of an official HOSA uniform and project a positive and professional image of HOSA at all times.
10.       Represent the local school, advisor, program, state officer team, State Advisor, and the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech with the decorum required of such a position.
11.       Maintain a professional image and good grooming in order to project a desirable image of the organization.
12.       Attend all meetings, trainings, and conferences during the term of office and accept responsibilities as requested by the HOSA State Advisor (calendar is attached).
13.       Avoid places and actions that could raise questions regarding moral character or conduct.
14.       Use of alcohol or illegal substances at any school, HOSA or Oklahoma Department of CareerTech sponsored event will result in permanent expulsion from the State Officer team.
Smoking is allowed for adults (over 18 years of age) not in HOSA uniform in designated areas only.
15.       Be able to work as a team player, avoiding any display of superiority.
16.       Treat all members of the organization equally and without discrimination.
17.       Be willing to spend the necessary time and travel during term of office.
18.       Understand that there may be personal expenses incurred, but Oklahoma HOSA will assist in reimbursing selected approved expenses, including travel, lodging and/or meals.
19.       Resign office immediately if at any time commitments and expectations are not met (includes, but not limited to, attendance, professional image, official dress, responsibility and conduct).
20.       Follow the Code of Conduct at all events.
21.       Act as Voting Delegate at International Leadership Conference (ILC) which includes attendance at all necessary meetings.  Attend various events and sessions at ILC according to State Office Schedule.
22.       Compete in the Healthcare Issues Exam as well as one (1) competitive event at State Leadership Conference and International Leadership Conference (if applicable).
23.  Understand that the “State Officer term” is defined as Fall Leadership Conference to the next Fall Leadership Conference.  The expectations are for the state officer to make whatever arrangements needed to attend the final Fall Leadership Conference and to fulfill their obligations to Oklahoma HOSA.



1.          See to it that the state officer follows his/her expectations listed above.
2.          Attend all meetings, trainings, and conferences with state officer during the term of office and accept responsibilities as requested by the HOSA State Advisor (calendar is attached).  Local advisors do not attend CTU and WLA with state officer team.
3.          Assist the state officer at school, workshops and conferences.
4.          Travel with the state officer per school policy
5.          Assist the State Advisor as needed.
6.          Serve as the state officer’s positive role model with dress, language, habits, assistance, ethics, etc.
7.          Understand that there is no extra compensation to serve in this position.
8.          Understand that because of responsibilities with state officers, it will be necessary to obtain assistance to help with other students at conferences.
9.          State Officer HOSA Official Uniform will be provided by Oklahoma HOSA.  A $150.00 deposit is required at the November State Officer Meeting.  If an invoice is needed in order to pay this deposit at the November meeting, please email Angela Jones at with this request.  Schools and/or officers do not have the option of providing their own HOSA Official Uniform.  All uniforms will be purchased through Awards Unlimited.  Complete uniforms will be returned to the State Advisor at the conclusion of the officer’s term of office.
10.       OK HOSA will provide meals for the State Officer at all State Officer meetings, CTSO Day at the Capitol, SLC, CTU, WLA  and FLC.  OK HOSA will provide lodging for the State Officer at the November state officer meeting, SLC, CTU, WLA and FLC.
11.       The Local School Administration understands that the school accepts the financial responsibility for the State Officer and Advisor to attend all meetings, trainings, and conferences, including the International Leadership Conference (arriving the day before the day of Opening Session).  State Officer local Advisor will act as Event Manager for one of the events which Oklahoma HOSA is responsible for at ILC.  This responsibility will require the Advisor to arrive to ILC a day before Opening Session.
12.       State Officers and their local advisor must arrive at ILC in time for a 4:00 p.m. meeting on the day before Opening Session.
13.       State Officers have the option of participating in a state officer leadership training offered at ILC on the day before Opening Session.  The local school must pay the additional registration fee for this training and then OKHOSA will reimburse the school following ILC.

I understand all of the expectations required of an Oklahoma HOSA State Officer, the local advisor, and the local school administration and I am committed to this responsibility.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Candidate Signature     ________________________________________   Date   _____________

Local Advisor Signature   ______________________________________   Date  _____________

School Administrator Signature_______________________________       Date  ______________





I approve of my son/daughter applying for a State HOSA office and if elected, agree that he/she will be able to spend the time to carry on the duties of the office.

Signature of Parent of Guardian (Applicable for Secondary Student)

The candidate meets the qualifications for office and I recommend him/her as a state officer candidate.

Signature of Local Chapter Advisor


This school is supportive of  _____________________________________being considered as a candidate for  HOSA state officer because he/she will fulfill the duties successfully if elected.

Signature of   Principal/Director (High School-Applicable for Secondary Students)



Signature of Principal/Director (Technology Center)


Applicant Information Sheet

Name ________________________________________                                                                              

HOSA Offices Held:

Health Sciences Courses Taken:

Honors/Awards Reveived (HOSA and Others):

Participation in Other Activities (School, Community, etc. ):

Offices Held in Organizations other than HOSA:

What other commitments will you have during this year?



October 23, 2017                    8am-1pm        Fall Leadership Conference, Embassy Suites, Norman, OK
November 7-9, 2017               9am-4pm        State Officer Meeting, CareerTech, Stillwater
December 5, 2017                  9am-4pm        State Officer Meeting, TBA
January 9, 2018                      9am-4pm        State Officer Meeting, TBA
February 27, 2018                  9am-4pm         CTSO Day at the Capitol, OKC
March 19, 2018                       9am-4pm        State Officer Meeting CareerTech, Stillwater
April 8-11, 2018                      3pm-1pm         State Leadership Conference, Embassy Suites, Norman
May 30-June 1, 2018              11am-12pm     CareerTech University, Tulakogee Conf. Ct, Wagoner, OK
June 18-24, 2018                                            International Leadership Conference, Dallas, Texas
July 10, 2018                          9am-4pm         State Officer Meeting, TBA
August 1, 2018                        9am-4pm        ODCTE Summer Conference, OKC (optional)
September TBA, 2018                                    Washington Leadership Academy (if eligible)
October 2, 2018                      8am-3pm        Officer Interviews, CareerTech, Stillwater
October 21-22, 2018               3pm-1pm        Fall Leadership Conference, Embassy Suites, Norman, OK

Print Name of Student                                       Signature of Student                             Date


Print Name of Advisor                                       Signature of Advisor                              Date


Print Name of Parent/ Guardian                          Signature of Parent/Guardian                   Date


Print Name of H.S Administrator                         Signature of H.S. Administrator                Date


Print Name of Tech Center Administrator            Signature of Tech Center Administrator    Date


Medical Liability Release Form

DIRECTIONS: Due to legal restrictions, it is necessary that all students, parents/guardians, guests and HOSA Advisors complete this form to be eligible to attend and participate in any HOSA activity/conference during the 2017-2018 school year. This form should be returned to the local HOSA Chapter Advisor.  Chapter Advisors will submit a copy during conference registration at State Leadership Conference and then again for all students, parents, guests and HOSA Advisors attending International Leadership Conference.



HOSA Member/Attendee__________________________________Phone #_____________________

Home Address_____________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (if member/attendee is a secondary student)_________________________________

Parent/Guardian Phone #:  ___________________________________________________________

Alternate Emergency Contact: _________________________________________________________

Alternate Emergency Contact Phone #: __________________________

Local Advisor: ________________________________School Name: __________________________

Local Advisor Cell #:______________________________________


Student’s Physician: ____________________________Phone: ________________________________

Physician’s Address: __________________________________________________________________

Student is covered by group or medical insurance: _____ Yes _____ No 

If yes, complete the following information:

Name of Insured: ____________________Insurance Company: ______________________________

Group #: __________________________Policy #: ________________________________________

Please completely describe any medical condition which may recur or be a factor in medical treatment:

a. Allergies:__________________________ e. Physical Handicap: ______________________________

b. Convulsions: ______________________ f. Medicine Reactions: ____________________________

c. Blackouts: ________________________ g. Disease of any kind: ____________________________

d. Heart/lung problems: ________________ h. Other (Be specific):______________________________

If currently taking medication, please provide the following information:

Name of medication: _________________________________________________________________

Prescribing Physician/Phone Number: ___________________________________________________


LIABILITY RELEASE. I certify that the information described above is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that each individual is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage during this trip/activity. I hereby release the National HOSA Board of Directors, the National Staff, State and Local HOSA Associations, and any designated individual in charge of the HOSA group or specific activity from any legal or financial responsibility with respect to my personal or my student/child’s participation in or contact with any known element associated with an activity including competitive events.

PARENT/GUARDIAN: Please check one of the following and sign your name.

•           I give my permission for immediate medical treatment as required in the judgment of the   attending physician. Notify me and/or any persons listed above as soon as possible.

•           I do not give permission for medical treatment until I have been contacted.

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ______________________________________ Date ________________

(Applicable for secondary students)

HOSA Member/Attendee Signature: _______________________________ Date ________________

Advisor’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date ________________

Secondary student is defined as a high school student while a HOSA member



 A good reputation enables members to take pride in their organization. HOSA has an excellent reputation. Your conduct at any HOSA function should make a positive contribution to the reputation that has been established.

1.         Your behavior at all times should be such that it reflects credit to you, your school, your state and HOSA.
2.         State Officer’s conduct is the responsibility of the local chapter advisor.  State Officers shall keep their advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times.
3.         State Officers will wear appropriate name badges at all times.
4.         State Officers are expected to attend all general sessions and other scheduled conference activities. Please be prompt and show respect to those in the audience and on stage.
5.         State Officers are to report any accidents or injuries to their local or state advisor immediately.
6.         State Officers are expected to observe the designated curfew (curfew means being in your own room by the designated hour).
7.         State Officers are responsible for vandalism of any kind.  State Officer will be expected to pay any and all damages.
8.         State Officers attending conferences may not purchase, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time. Violators will be subject to stringent disciplinary action.
9.         Smoking is allowed for adults (over 18 years old) not in HOSA uniform in designated areas only.
10.       State Officers who disregard the rules will be subject to disciplinary action and will be sent home at their own expense.  School administration and/or parents will be notified.
11.       Any charges to hotel room, etc. will be the responsibility of the State Officer.
12.       State Officers are to abide by the HOSA Attire Policy at all business sessions, general sessions, competitive events, awards sessions and other conference activities.
13.       As an Oklahoma State Officer, permission is granted to make photographs, videotapes, broadcasts, and/or sound recordings, separately or in combination, available for reproduction for educational and promotional purposes by Oklahoma HOSA and National HOSA.
14.       Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA during term as a State Officer.
I have read the State Officer Code of Conduct and agree to abide by these rules.

Print Name of Student                        Signature of Student                           Date

Print Name of Advisor                        Signature of Advisor                           Date

Print Name of Parent/ Guardian         Signature of Parent/Guardian             Date

(Applicable for secondary students)




 Oklahoma HOSA State Officer Selection Process

In an effort for all schools to have representation on the Oklahoma HOSA State Officer Team, the following process will take place for 2017-2018 State Officer Selection.

Each applicant will:

1.            Submit State Officer Candidate Application
2.            Submit YouTube video link of campaign speech
3.            Submit electronic script of campaign speech
4.            Take an online test 

The top applicants will advance to the Interview Selection Meeting.

At the Interview Selection meeting, each applicant will:

5.            Participate in an interview
6.            Read a portion of an SLC script (cold reading)
7.            Write a sample thank you note
8.            Present an introductory talk about themselves

          The candidate will draw one of the following statements to complete:

          1.            My future career goals are……
          2.            The most influential person in my life has been……..because……
          3.           What makes me unique is…...

The following scores will be included in determining the State Officer Team:

Online test score---                                         30% of the final score
Campaign speech (via YouTube)
SLC script Cold Reading                               50% of the final score
Writing of a thank you note
Introductory Talk
Votes at Fall Leadership Conference----      20% of the final score

Applicants must pass the interview selection process by at least 70% in order to be slated for an office.

In the event that there are no slated applicants from a division, an applicant from another division may be voted into that position. 

The office positions will be:


Vice President
1 Secondary Representative (with highest percentage of score from a Small School)
1 Secondary Representative (with the highest percentage of score from a Large School)
2 Secondary Representatives (with the highest percentage of total scores of the remaining candidates)
1 Postsecondary Representative (with highest percentage of score from a Small School)
1 Postsecondary Representative (with the highest percentage of score from a Large School)
2 Postsecondary Representatives (with the highest percentage of total scores of the remaining candidates)

Definition of Small School vs. Large School
Small Schools (2016-2017 between 0-99 members)

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center                         
Capitol Hill High School                                                  Mid Del Technology Center
Chandler High School                                                     Muskogee High School 
Chisholm Trail Technology Center                                  Norman North High School
Choctaw High School                                                      Northeast Academy of Health Sciences
Claremore High School                                                   Northwest Classen High School
Cleveland High School                                                    Northwest Technology Center
Douglass High School                                                      OK School for Science and Math
Durant High School                                                          Rogers State University
Eastern Oklahoma Technology Center                            Pioneer Technology Center
Emerson High School                                                      Pontotoc Technology Center
Geary High School                                                           Putnam City North High School
Glenpool Public School                                                   Star Spencer High School
Green Country Technology Center                                  Southwest Technology Center
High Plains Technology Center                                        Tahlequah High School
Lincoln High School                                                         University of Oklahoma
                                                                                         US Grant High School
                                                                                         Yukon High School

Large Schools (2016-2017 100+ members)

Autry Technology Center                                              Metro Technology Center
Canadian Valley Technology Center                            Mid America Technology Center
Central Technology Center                                          Moore Norman Technology Center
Francis Tuttle Technology Center                                Northeast Technology Center
Gordon Cooper Technology Center                             Red River Technology Center
Great Plains Technology Center                                  Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
Indian Capital Technology Center                                Tri County Technology Center
Kiamichi Technology Center                                        Tulsa Technology Center
Meridian Technology Center                                        Western Technology Cente
                                                                                     Wes Watkins Technology Center




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