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Executive Council

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2020-2021 Executive Council             

Chairperson: Sheila Williams 
Vice-Chairperson: Teri Ray
Secretary: Sheila Foxworthy
Treasurer: Andrea Verser 
State Rep: Shawna Nord
Webmaster: Cynthia Vick

List of OK NTHS Council Officers and Members 2020-2021 (pdf)


17th Rotation September 2018

Seat 1: Rhonda Weaver
Seat 2: Erica Gallamore
Seat 3: Penny Lovell
Seat 4: Khaaliq Salim

18th Rotation September 2019

Seat 5: Jennifer Burch
Seat 6: Terri Ray
Seat 7: Linda Enlow

19th Rotation September 2020

Seat 8: Andrea Verser
Seat 9:  Jessica Bullock
Seat 10: Christy Potter

2012-2013 Executive Council   

Chairperson: Becky Trent 
Vice-Chairperson: Open
Immediate Past Chairperson: Laura Harrison
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Jana Gaddis    
Webmaster: ODCTE & Jana Gaddis


September 2014

Linda Enlow     
Cynthia Samuels
Marjorie Wann

September 2015

Doris King
Chris Treadway
Pam Glover

September 2016

Judy Sims


April Murray - September 2014
Kent Inouye - September 2015

Ex-Officio National Board Members

Jeanne McClics
Greg Winters

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