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Executive Council

2021-2022 Executive Council     

  • Chairperson: Teri Ray
    Meridian Technology Center
  • Vice-Chairperson: Traci Hopper
    Moore-Norman Technology Center

  • Secretary: Teresa VanCleave
    Central Technology Center

  • Treasurer: Andrea Verser
    Canadian Valley Technology Center
  • Liaison: Shawna Nord
    Oklahoma Department of Technology Education

List of OK NTHS Council Officers and Members 2021-2022 (pdf)


20th Rotation September (Fall 2022)

Seat 1: Jeff Herndon
Seat 2: Lori Evans
Seat 3: Kacee Poteet

21st Rotation September (Fall 2023)

Seat 4: Melinda Cook
Seat 5: Broderick Steed
Seat 6: Crystal Orr


 Admin Slot 1: Dr. Gayla Lutts 
 Admin Slot 2: Roger King
 Admin Slot 3: Jeremy Zweiacker

Ex-Officio National Board Members

Dr. Gayla Lutts
Dr. Greg Winters


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