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SkillsUSA Adviser Resources

Certificate Templates

There is a template available for Oklahoma SkillsUSA certificates that you might want to print. You can easily personalize any certificate to fit your need. You can print in color or in black and white and on any paper of your choice. You will no longer need to call the state office for a participation, appreciation or honor certificate.

Participation Certificate

Just add the name of the participant and the contest name.

Appreciation Certificate

Enter the name of the person, school or business that you are presenting to.  Be sure to add the day, month and year.

Honor Certificate

Be sure and add the word "Honors" after the placing. You can print as many levels of honor as you want. For example it should read: Second Place Honors or Fourth Place Honors. Be sure and add what year, level (District, Regional or State), and contest this certificate is for. It should read: 2014 Regional Cosmetology Contest, 2014 District Prepared Speech Contest or 2014 State Carpentry Contest.

Free Online Teacher Tools

Adviser Essentials Training Library

These 12 online adviser training modules are designed to be easy to use and easy to access and to connect advisers to existing resources. All advisers are welcome to use the training modules anytime and anywhere to learn how to develop a strong SkillsUSA chapter. For more information and to view the modules, go to


Chapter Activity Planner

The Chapter Activity Planner is a tool that makes planning and conducting chapter activities easier and more effective. The planner makes it easy to brainstorm ideas, set goals, create action plans, track assigned tasks and evaluate progress. At the end of an activity, the tool produces an electronic report to save for future reference. The CAP will help students master six steps from organizing to reporting an activity. There is also an online learning module for advisers and a lesson plan to introduce members to the planning process and help them begin using the tool. To access this resource and learn more, visit


Personal Leadership Inventory

The Personal Leadership Inventory is a series of online self-assessments for students to grow their skills as individuals, team members, citizens and employees. There's also a module for instructors on how to put the PLI into action in the classroom and a lesson plan to introduce members to the personal growth process and the PLI. Go to

Past national officers from Oklahoma

Amari Brown, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2018-2019 National Secretary
Brenna Stinnett, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2017-2018 Secondary Region IV Vice President
Jeremy Copeland, Mid-America Technology Center
2017-2018 Postsecondary Parliamentarian
Mackenzie Oestreich, Tulsa Technology Center-Peoria
2016-2017 Secondary Secretary
Tanner Weston, Mid-America Technology Center
2016-2017 Secondary Region IV Vice President
Allie Webb, Autry Technology Center
2016-2017 Postsecondary President
Madison Roller, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2016-2017 Postsecondary Secretary
Suzanna Dellinger, Mid-America Technology Center
2015-2016 Secondary Region IV Vice-President
Dante Williams, Tulsa Technology Center
2015-2016 Postsecondary President
Shane Morrison, Autry Technology Center
2014-2015 Postsecondary
Stephanie Wilburn, Green Country Technology Center
2014-2015 Secondary
Bailie Henry, Tulsa Tech-Pre-Engineering Academy
2013-2014 Secondary Parliamentarian
Veronica Senkowski, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
2011-2012 Postsecondary Secretary
TraShawn Brooks, Tulsa Tech-Broken Arrow
2010-2011 Postsecondary Treasurer
Fallon Elliott, Kiamichi Technology Center-Atoka Campus
2009-2010 Secondary
Cody McPherson, Autry Technology Center
2009-2010 Postsecondary
Pedro Moreno, OSU-Okmulgee
2007-2008 Postsecondary Vice-President
Rodney Fennell, Mid-Del Technology Center
2007-2008 Secondary Treasurer
Charles Young, OSU-Okmulgee
2006-2007 Postsecondary President
Heather Taylor, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2004-2005, Region IV Vice-President
Matthew Tiner, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2002-2003, Region IV Vice-President
Carl Wetzler, Tulsa Tech - Riverside Campus
2002-2003, Postsecondary President
Tiney Gregory, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2001-2002, Region IV Secondary Vice-President
Angela Hutchcraft, Tulsa Tech - Broken Arrow Campus
2000-2001, Region IV Secondary Vice-President
Joseph Bojang, Tulsa Tech-Riverside Campus
2000-2001, Postsecondary Treasurer
Byekwaso Francis, Tulsa Tech - Peoria Campus
1999-2000 Postsecondary President
Amanda Yates, Mid America Tech Center
1998-99, Secondary Secretary
Tara Banks
, Central Technology Center-Drumright Campus
1996-97, Secondary Vice President
Jeremy Trent
, Moore Norman Technology Center
1992-93, Secondary President
David Lagaly, Canadian Valley Technology Center-El Reno Campus
1990-91, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Clay Cory, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
1990-91, Postsecondary Vice President
Barry Whitewater, Tulsa Technology-Lemley Campus
1988-89, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Mike Couch, Tulsa Technology Center-Lemley Campus
1987-88, Postsecondary Parliamentarian
Bill Leyrer
, Red River Technology Center
1987-88, Postsecondary Vice President
Craig Wortham
, Kiamichi Technology Center-McAlester Campus
1986-87, Secondary President
Rene Weston, Great Plains Technology Center-Lawton Campus
1986-87, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Brad Cartmill
, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
1984-85, Region IV Vice president
Lynn Kaplan, Tulsa Technology Center-Peoria Campus
1982-83, Region IV Vice President
Regina George, Tulsa Technology Center-Lemley Campus
1980-81, Region IV Vice President
Jan Young, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
1977-78, Treasurer
Keith Nootbaar
, Gordon Cooper Technology Center
1976-77, Treasurer
John W. Phelps, Indian Meridian Vo-Tech
1974-75, Postsecondary President
Jimmy Lee Hysaw
, Great Plains Vo-Tech
1974-75, Postsecondary Vice President
James P. Seabolt, Indian Meridian Vo-Tech
1974-75, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Charles Carter Gale, Great Plains Vo-Tech
1973-74, President
Mark Money, Tulsa
1973-74 Vice President
Dwight Bowman
, Girard
1972-73, Postsecondary Vice President
Francis Kelly
, Dewey
1972-73, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Faye Niemczyk
1972-73 Postsecondary Secretary
Steven Mann, Moore
1971-72, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Martha Joe Lucas, Midwest City
1970-71, Secretary
Marie Trainum
, Midwest City
1969-70, Secretary
Connie Chism
, McAlester
1969-70, Treasurer
Elden Harp
, Tulsa
1969-70, Region IV Vice President
Vickie (Taff) Snyder
, Lawton
1969-70 Postsecondary President
Clestus Rogers
, Nowata
1969-70, Postsecondary Vice-President
Bob Rowe
, Tulsa
1969-70, Region IV Vice President
Terry Johnson
, Tulsa
1968-69, Region IV Vice President
Brock Gimes
, Shawnee
1968-69, President
John W. Latchum
, Bartlesville
1967-68, Region IV Vice President
Vickie (Taff) Snyder
, Lawton
1967-68, Treasurer
Jacob Castor
, Woodward
1965-66, Regional Vice President
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