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Past national officers from Oklahoma

Amari Brown, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2018-2019 National Secretary
Brenna Stinnett, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2017-2018 Secondary Region IV Vice President
Jeremy Copeland, Mid-America Technology Center
2017-2018 Postsecondary Parliamentarian
Mackenzie Oestreich, Tulsa Technology Center-Peoria
2016-2017 Secondary Secretary
Tanner Weston, Mid-America Technology Center
2016-2017 Secondary Region IV Vice President
Allie Webb, Autry Technology Center
2016-2017 Postsecondary President
Madison Roller, Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
2016-2017 Postsecondary Secretary
Suzanna Dellinger, Mid-America Technology Center
2015-2016 Secondary Region IV Vice-President
Dante Williams, Tulsa Technology Center
2015-2016 Postsecondary President
Shane Morrison, Autry Technology Center
2014-2015 Postsecondary
Stephanie Wilburn, Green Country Technology Center
2014-2015 Secondary
Bailie Henry, Tulsa Tech-Pre-Engineering Academy
2013-2014 Secondary Parliamentarian
Veronica Senkowski, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
2011-2012 Postsecondary Secretary
TraShawn Brooks, Tulsa Tech-Broken Arrow
2010-2011 Postsecondary Treasurer
Fallon Elliott, Kiamichi Technology Center-Atoka Campus
2009-2010 Secondary
Cody McPherson, Autry Technology Center
2009-2010 Postsecondary
Pedro Moreno, OSU-Okmulgee
2007-2008 Postsecondary Vice-President
Rodney Fennell, Mid-Del Technology Center
2007-2008 Secondary Treasurer
Charles Young, OSU-Okmulgee
2006-2007 Postsecondary President
Heather Taylor, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2004-2005, Region IV Vice-President
Matthew Tiner, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2002-2003, Region IV Vice-President
Carl Wetzler, Tulsa Tech - Riverside Campus
2002-2003, Postsecondary President
Tiney Gregory, Central Tech-Drumright Campus
2001-2002, Region IV Secondary Vice-President
Angela Hutchcraft, Tulsa Tech - Broken Arrow Campus
2000-2001, Region IV Secondary Vice-President
Joseph Bojang, Tulsa Tech-Riverside Campus
2000-2001, Postsecondary Treasurer
Byekwaso Francis, Tulsa Tech - Peoria Campus
1999-2000 Postsecondary President
Amanda Yates, Mid America Tech Center
1998-99, Secondary Secretary
Tara Banks
, Central Technology Center-Drumright Campus
1996-97, Secondary Vice President
Jeremy Trent
, Moore Norman Technology Center
1992-93, Secondary President
David Lagaly, Canadian Valley Technology Center-El Reno Campus
1990-91, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Clay Cory, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
1990-91, Postsecondary Vice President
Barry Whitewater, Tulsa Technology-Lemley Campus
1988-89, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Mike Couch, Tulsa Technology Center-Lemley Campus
1987-88, Postsecondary Parliamentarian
Bill Leyrer
, Red River Technology Center
1987-88, Postsecondary Vice President
Craig Wortham
, Kiamichi Technology Center-McAlester Campus
1986-87, Secondary President
Rene Weston, Great Plains Technology Center-Lawton Campus
1986-87, Secondary Region IV Vice President
Brad Cartmill
, Francis Tuttle Technology Center
1984-85, Region IV Vice president
Lynn Kaplan, Tulsa Technology Center-Peoria Campus
1982-83, Region IV Vice President
Regina George, Tulsa Technology Center-Lemley Campus
1980-81, Region IV Vice President
Jan Young, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
1977-78, Treasurer
Keith Nootbaar
, Gordon Cooper Technology Center
1976-77, Treasurer
John W. Phelps, Indian Meridian Vo-Tech
1974-75, Postsecondary President
Jimmy Lee Hysaw
, Great Plains Vo-Tech
1974-75, Postsecondary Vice President
James P. Seabolt, Indian Meridian Vo-Tech
1974-75, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Charles Carter Gale, Great Plains Vo-Tech
1973-74, President
Mark Money, Tulsa
1973-74 Vice President
Dwight Bowman
, Girard
1972-73, Postsecondary Vice President
Francis Kelly
, Dewey
1972-73, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Faye Niemczyk
1972-73 Postsecondary Secretary
Steven Mann, Moore
1971-72, Region IV Postsecondary Vice President
Martha Joe Lucas, Midwest City
1970-71, Secretary
Marie Trainum
, Midwest City
1969-70, Secretary
Connie Chism
, McAlester
1969-70, Treasurer
Elden Harp
, Tulsa
1969-70, Region IV Vice President
Vickie (Taff) Snyder
, Lawton
1969-70 Postsecondary President
Clestus Rogers
, Nowata
1969-70, Postsecondary Vice-President
Bob Rowe
, Tulsa
1969-70, Region IV Vice President
Terry Johnson
, Tulsa
1968-69, Region IV Vice President
Brock Gimes
, Shawnee
1968-69, President
John W. Latchum
, Bartlesville
1967-68, Region IV Vice President
Vickie (Taff) Snyder
, Lawton
1967-68, Treasurer
Jacob Castor
, Woodward
1965-66, Regional Vice President
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