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Certificate Templates

There is a template available for Oklahoma SkillsUSA certificates that you might want to print. You can easily personalize any certificate to fit your need. You can print in color or in black and white and on any paper of your choice. You will no longer need to call the state office for a participation, appreciation or honor certificate.

Participation Certificate

Just add the name of the participant and the contest name.

Appreciation Certificate

Enter the name of the person, school or business that you are presenting to.  Be sure to add the day, month and year.

Honor Certificate

Be sure and add the word "Honors" after the placing. You can print as many levels of honor as you want. For example it should read: Second Place Honors or Fourth Place Honors. Be sure and add what year, level (District, Regional or State), and contest this certificate is for. It should read: 2014 Regional Cosmetology Contest, 2014 District Prepared Speech Contest or 2014 State Carpentry Contest.

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