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Spring District Leadership & Regional Skill Contest Information

Information regarding district leadership conferences, regional skill contests and the district officer nomination form.

Online Registration - $25 per person

Registration for all district and regional level contests (skill, leadership, job readiness) must be completed using the online system. Registration is $25 per person. If your contest requires a project fee for contest supplies (metal, manikin, polish, etc.) the cost will be included in your registration fee per contestant. Check here to see what contests have these associated costs. There will be no refunds after the registration deadline.


The online registration must be completed by Jan. 27, 2020. Click here for the online registration system and begin registering your students.

Online Testing

All written tests for the district/regional contests should be taken between Jan. 2-27. This is the only opportunity to test. Those who do not test during this time will not have a written test score. It is your responsibility to contact your liaison and schedule a time for your students to test. These tests include the written test for the Chapter Business Procedure contest.
Students registered in the following contests will need to take an online skill test and the online Professional Development (PD) test.

Professional Development Study Guide

Contests with Skills Tests
Architectural Drafting Precision Machining
Automotive Service Small Engine Parts ID
Cabinetmaking Standard Riding Mower
Carpentry Technical Drafting
Chapter Business Procedure Tool ID
Cosmetology Welding
Esthetics Welding Fabrication
Grounds Equipment Operation Welding Job Readiness
HVAC Zero Turning Radius
Nail Care (Contestant Only) Advertising Design
Click here for a listing of testing liaisons.

Regional Skill Contest Schedule

Click on the link below to find out when and where your regional skill contest will be held. If there is no date to the left of the host location, please contact the host teacher for more specific information.

Regional Schedule by Contest

Contestant's Resume

Resumes are required of every contestant at every district/regional contest. There will be a 5% deduction of the total score if a contestant does not submit one.

District Officer Nomination Form

If you have a student that is interested in becoming a district officer, complete this form and return it to the Oklahoma SkillsUSA state office by January 31, 2020.

Click here to download the form.

Cosmetology/Esthetics/Nailcare Contest Guidelines

Cosmetology District and State Contest Guidelines. Hair Technicals.

Esthetics District and State Contest Guidelines.

Nail Care District and State Contest Guidelines.

Barbering District and State Contest Guidelines. Barbering Technicals.

Barbering Head Sheet -required to be used by contestants.

The haircut/styles for the regional and state cosmetology contests will be picked from these styles.

Contact Darren Gibson, with any questions or comments.

District Leadership Conference

Click on your district to get specific conference and contest information. Be mindful of the dates...current information has not been received by all districts.

Click Here to find out what district your school is in SkillsUSA District Assignments.

This year's 2019-20 theme is "SkillsUSA: Champions at Work 'I'm Ready'."

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