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General Contest Information


The 2020 SkillsUSA State Skills Championships will be held on Monday, April 20, 2020 AT THE TULSA CONVENTION CENTER and the Downtown DoubleTree Hotel unless your event is off site (see contest memos).

The following comments are general in nature and details in specific contest memos supersede the general details below.

See also the State Conference Website, Conference Schedule and State Conference Memo for additional details.

  • Written testing for most contests will be held ON-LINE through your schools' Testing Liaison.

  • Testing will be open beginning Monday, March 16.

  • The deadline for taking the on-line tests is Friday, April 10.

  • No provisions are being made for make-up testing on-site.

  • See the State SkillsUSA Director's Memo for the policy on substitutions and late registrations.

  • NO Substitutions will be allowed this year after April 14.

Contest orientation for most contests will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. Monday and the contests will begin at 9:00 a.m.


Upon arrival at the Downtown DoubleTree Hotel on Sunday, one advisor from your group will need to register in GILCREASE ROOM (headquarters). There, he or she will receive a packet which will contain name badges for advisors and observers and programs for the Skills Championships events and locations.


Food services will be available at the Tulsa Convention Center Concession Stand. Contestants should bring at least $10 to purchase their meal and snacks.  In events where there is no scheduled break for lunch until the conclusion, I strongly recommend students pack snack items (energy bars, etc.) and bottled water into their tool kit, as they will not be allowed to leave the contest area. Water should be drank sparingly!


Each contestant will be required to bring his or her printed resume. It will be presented to the judges upon entry to the contest area. A deduction will be applied to your overall score if you do not have a resume.

Through this competition, we are selecting a secondary and postsecondary contestant to represent Oklahoma at the SkillsUSA Championships. We will follow the national rules, regulations, and contest content as closely as possible. We want our contestants to be prepared to compete at the national level. Additional rules and regulations may be provided in order to insure a fair and rewarding competition at the contest site.


As customary in the past, skill contestants will NOT be penalized for not adhering to national clothing requirements unless otherwise specified in the Contest Memo. The Technical Committees for several events have requested specific dress codes. See individual contest memos for details. There will be a provision on judges' scoring sheets to reduce a contestant's score for inappropriate attire. Contestants should NOT wear clothing which has school identification visible to the judges.  Any contestant wearing clothing, including hats, which identify his or her school, will be required to cover all identifying labels.

Safety glasses WITH SIDE SHIELDS are required for each contestant (including Internetworking, to be used while terminating cables).


Contest winners will be recognized at the Awards Assembly on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the Tulsa Convention Center Arena. The awards ceremony is the "showplace" of our State Contest and many guests and VIP's are invited to present medallions and honor our students, therefore; Official attire is required!  Any contest winner who is NOT in official attire will be escorted behind stage to receive his or her medallion and awards.  PLEASE have appropriate attire available for your students!


Please contact your Awards Chairman for details and to let him/her know of industry awards you have secured.  I know many of you have already been hard at work securing the awards. These awards should be labeled with the name, address, and contact person for the donating industry so that the contestant they are awarded to can send an appropriate expression of his or her appreciation.

You or the Awards Chairperson or Committee needs to bring these to the backstage area of the Tulsa Convention Center Arena on Monday so that they can be prepared for the awards ceremony on Tuesday.

Awards chairmen need to be in the industry awards area IN THE Tulsa Convention Center.  7:30 Tuesday morning to group prizes by classification and place (i.e., 1st place secondary, etc.)

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