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Contest Supervisors

Contest  Program Specialist
3D Visualization and Animation Kevin Terronez
Action Skills Darren Gibson
Additive Manufacturing Kevin Terronez
Advertising Design Kevin Terronez
American Degree Candidates Darren Gibson
American Spirit Award Darren Gibson
Architectural Drafting Kevin Terronez
Audio Radio Production Kevin Terronez
Automated Manufacturing H.L. Baird
Automotive Refinishing Technology John Day
Automotive Service Technology John Day
Aviation Maintenance Tech, A&P H.L. Baird
Aviation Maintenance Tech, General H.L. Baird
Barbering Darren Gibson
Broadcast News Production Kevin Terronez
Building Maintenance Allen Stolhand
Cabinetmaking Allen Stolhand
Cake Decorating Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Career Pathways Darren Gibson
Carpentry & Carpentry Written Allen Stolhand
Carpet Maintenance Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Chapter Business Procedure Darren Gibson
Chapter Display Darren Gibson
CNC Milling Specialist H.L. Baird
CNC Technician/Precision Machining H.L. Baird
CNC Turning Specialist H.L. Baird
Collision Repair Technology John Day
Commercial Baking Darren Gibson
Community Action Project Darren Gibson
Community Service Demonstration                     Darren Gibson
Cosmetology (Hair)  Darren Gibson
Crime Scene Investigation Jeff Huffman
Criminal Justice Jeff Huffman
Culinary Arts Darren Gibson
Culinary Arts Grill Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Customer Service Darren Gibson
Diesel Equipment Technology John Day
Digital Cinema Production Kevin Terronez
Electrical Construction Wiring Ric Russell
Electronics Technology  Ric Russell
Employment Application Process Darren Gibson
Engineering Technology Darren Gibson
Entrepreneurship Darren Gibson
Esthetics Darren Gibson
Extemporaneous Speaking Darren Gibson
Financial Fitness Darren Gibson
Firefighting Jeff Huffman
First Aid/CPR Jeff Huffman
Floral Design Allen Stolhand
Floral Design, Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Graphic Imaging Sublimation Kevin Terronez
Graphics Communications Kevin Terronez
Grounds Equipment Operation Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Hard Surface Maintenance Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Heavy Equipment Operator John Day
Horticulture Allen Stolhand
Horticulture, Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
HVAC & Refrigeration  Ric Russell
Industrial Motor Controls Ric Russell
Information Technology Services Ric Russell
International Degree Darren Gibson
Interactive Application & Video Game Design Kevin Terronez
Internetworking Demonstration Ric Russell
Job Exhibit Contests- Cosmetology Darren Gibson
Job Exhibit Contest- Graphics  Darren Gibson
Job Interview Darren Gibson
Job Interview, Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Job Skill Demonstration A Darren Gibson
Job Skill Demonstration O Darren Gibson
Landscaping & Design Allen Stolhand
Laundry Sorting & Folding Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Low Speed Buffing Allen Stolhand
Marine Service Technology John Day
Masonry Allen Stolhand
Mechanical Allen Stolhand
Mechatronics Ric Russell
Mobile Electronics Ric Russell
Mobile Robotics Ric Russell
Motorcycle Service Tech John Day
Nailcare  Darren Gibson
Occupational Health & Safety- Single & Multiple Darren Gibson
Opening & Closing Ceremony Darren Gibson
Outstanding Chapter Darren Gibson
Photography Kevin Terronez
Pin Design Darren Gibson
Plumbing Ric Russell
Power Equipment Technology John Day
Prepared Speech Darren Gibson
Prepared Speech, Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Principles of Engineering Darren Gibson
Promotional Bulletin Board Darren Gibson
Quiz Bowl Darren Gibson
Related Technical Math Darren Gibson
Residential Systems Installation & Maintenance Ric Russell
Restaurant Services Darren Gibson
Robotics & Automation Tech Ric Russell
Sandwich Making Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Sheet Metal Ric Russell
Small Engine Parts Identification Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Standard Riding Mower Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Table Setting Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
TeamWorks Allen Stolhand
Technical Drafting Kevin Terronez
Telecommunications Cabling Ric Russell
Tool Identification Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Truck Driving John Day
T-Shirt Design Darren Gibson
TV (Video) Production Kevin Terronez
Web Design Kevin Terronez
Welding H.L. Baird
Welding Fabrication H.L. Baird
Welding Sculpture H.L. Baird
Welding, Job Readiness Allen Stolhand
Zero Turning Radius Mower Allen Stolhand
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