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Virtual Conference Hub

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference Platform for SkillsUSA Regional Skills and District contests will be available here. Additionally, students should also receive an email containing an invitation email.

Virtual Sneak Peak Video

Advisors and Proctor's Instruction Video

Judge's Video

Integrity Form

Facilitated Contests

Leadership Contests- Job Interview, Extemporaneous Speech, Customer Service

Job Readiness Contests- Financial Fitness, Job Interview, Horticulture, Low Speed Buffing, Small Engine Parts ID, Tool ID, Welding

Facilitator- This individual will need to be someone other than the proctor. This facilitator will communicate with the contestant when there are questions, identification of photos, etc. The facilitator will need to sign the integrity form as well. Once this person has signed the integrity form, they can email the state office for those questions/scenarios.

Contest Substitutes

For Pre-Recorded Live Contest: Substitution must be made by Feb. 25. The SkillsUSA Oklahoma office will need the following information: Name, Email, DOB, Division, and Contest. Substitute contestants will access the conference platform by the link on this page.

For Live Contests: Contestants will need to have created their profile on the conference platform before the date of contest. Advisors need to notify the SkillsUSA Oklahoma office in advance. The SkillsUSA Office will need the following information: Name, Email, DOB, Division, and Contest.

How-To Videos

Resume Writing 101

How to create your Contestant Profile

How to convert your zoom recording to an unlisted YouTube video

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