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Sample PDP Test Questions

Sample PDP Questions

1. A written list of the order of business that will take place during a meeting is known as a(n):

¡ (a) main motion.
¤ (b) agenda.
¡ (c) role-play.
¡ (d) script.

2. When completing the past employment section on an application, in what order should jobs be listed:

¤ (a) start with current or most recent job.
¡ (b) order is not important.
¡ (c) start with your first job.
¡ (d) start with the job most related to your career objective.

3. The SkillsUSA officer whose actions are key to the success of the entire SkillsUSA chapter is the:

¡ (a) treasurer.
¤ (b) president.
¡ (c) parliamentarian.
¡ (d) reporter.

4. Which of the following is a good behavior to show during an interview?

¡ (a) nail biting
¡ (b) unusual, memorable clothing
¤ (c) smiling
¡ (d) expressing your personal opinion on politics, social issues, and religion

5. Which of the following is a collection of a work representing education, self-development, and career information?

¡ (a) job application
¡ (b) reward
¤ (c) portfolio
¡ (d) resume

6. The orbital circles of the SkillsUSA emblem represent:

¡ (a) youth.
¡ (b) knowledge.
¡ (c) the industrial society.
¤ (d) technology.

7. The official SkillsUSA colors are red, white, gold, and:

¡ (a) silver.
¡ (b) yellow.
¡ (c) bronze.
¤ (d) blue.

8. What type of stress could lead to physical or emotional problems?

¡ (a) no
¡ (b) muscle
¤ (c) excessive
¡ (d) all of the above

9. As a committee member, you are responsible for:

¡ (a) treating other people's opinions and ideas with respect.
¡ (b) expressing ideas.
¡ (c) keeping an open mind.
¤ (d) all of the above.

10. "Preparing for Leadership in the World of Work" is:

¡ (a) the SkillsUSA Theme.
¤ (b) the SkillsUSA Motto.
¡ (c) the SkillsUSA Creed.
¡ (d) the SkillsUSA Purpose.

11. A good goal statement has how many parts?

¡ (a) one
¡ (b) two
¤ (c) three
¡ (d) four

12. Which of the following questions would NOT be appropriate to ask during an employment survey interview?

¤ (a) How much are you paying now?

¡ (b) What kind of skills and experiences would I need to work here?

¡ (c) Will there be openings for the job type I'm seeking here in about % years?

¡ (d) What additional training should I consider?

13. According to the leadership handbook, a public speech should have three basic parts:

¤ (a) introduction, body, closing.
¡ (b) instruction, speech, review.
¡ (c) review, evidence, thank you.
¡ (d) discussion, examples, summary.

14. Which of the following refers to the mixing and blending of many people from different cultures who are involved in a like activity or setting?

¤ (a) cultural diversity
¡ (b) time sharing
¡ (c) respect
¡ (d) harrassment

15. The officer responsible for presiding over meetings is:

¤ (a) president.
¡ (b) secretary.
¡ (c) treasurer.
¡ (d) vice president.

16. Which of the following is a good basic rule of a business meeting?

¤ (a) distribute an agenda
¡ (b) allow participants to conduct conversations among themselves
¡ (c) handle all questions individually after the meeting
¡ (d) avoid visual or printed support materials

17. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of doing a community service project?

¡ (a) satisfaction providing needed help to some individual or cause
¡ (b) valuable training in leadership or job related skills
¤ (c) opportunity to earn extra money
¡ (d) opportunity to do what you enjoy for a good cause

18. The purposes of SkillsUSA are symbolized by its:

¡ (a) membership.
¡ (b) advisors.
¤ (c) emblem.
¡ (d) future.

19. One way to help you identify effective work skills and behaviors is to do which of the following with someone employed in your perspective occupation?

¡ (a) marry
¡ (b) ask
¡ (c) judge
¤ (d) job shadow

20. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of professional development activities?

¡ (a) learning to work with others
¡ (b) learning more about the job market in your chosen field
¤ (c) learning "survivor" strategies of under cutting team members and winning special opportunities
¡ (d) learning how to handle yourself in social situations

21. Which of the following is an example of cultural diversity?

¤ (a) different rules for interaction between men and women
¡ (b) the desire for meaningful well paid employment
¡ (c) a belief in the importance of individual dignity
¡ (d) a preference for science related jobs

22. The appearance that a young professional should present is:

¡ (a) neat.
¡ (b) well groomed.
¡ (c) clean.
¤ (d) all of the above.

23. It is healthy to balance your time between:

¡ (a) leisure activities and work activities.
¡ (b) your family and day-to-day activities.
¤ (c) all of the above.
¡ (d) none of the above.

24. "To create enthusiasm for learning" is part of the:

¡ (a) SkillsUSA Creed
¤ (b) SkillsUSA Purposes
¡ (c) SkillsUSA Motto
¡ (d) SkillsUSA Pledge

25. Job shadowing means:

¤ (a) observing a respected person on the job.
¡ (b) working behind a person in their shadow.
¡ (c) mimicking a person's actions.
¡ (d) to follow secretly.

26. When delivering a speech, do not:

¡ (a) smile at the audience.
¤ (b) talk fast.
¡ (c) have good posture.
¡ (d) maintain good eye contact.

27. Which of the following journals is a publication directly related to a profession?

¡ (a) sports
¡ (b) Wall Street
¡ (c) literature
¤ (d) professional

28. There are how many points to the SkillsUSA Creed?

¤ (a) six
¡ (b) five
¡ (c) seven
¡ (d) four

29. Official SkillsUSA dress always includes:

¡ (a) a SkillsUSA blazer.
¡ (b) a SkillsUSA sweater.
¡ (c) a SkillsUSA windbreaker.
¤ (d) any of the above.

30. The SkillsUSA Creed includes:

¡ (a) preparing for leadership.
¤ (b) high moral and spiritual standards.
¡ (c) the professional development program.
¡ (d) a member's right to express ideas.

31. Motivating factors can be:

¡ (a) new or old.
¡ (b) written or spoken.
¤ (c) internal or external.
¡ (d) inside or outside.

32. The purposes of SkillsUSA include:

¡ (a) creating enthusiasm for learning.
¡ (b) fostering a deep respect for the dignity of work.
¡ (c) helping students attain a purposeful life.
¤ (d) all of the above.

33. As part of the SkillsUSA emblem, what do the "hands" represent?

¡ (a) the knowledge a student should be striving for in his or her schoolwork
¡ (b) patriotism, which is a love and a loyalty to one's country
¡ (c) new technology and research in our occupational areas
¤ (d) the individual

34. The treasurer's duties include:

¡ (a) serving as a consultant to the president on procedural matters.
¡ (b) handling all correspondence and communications for the chapter.
¤ (c) assisting the president and other officers in setting up an annual chapter budget.
¡ (d) all of the above.

35. A leader motivates others and makes others want to join an endeavor. To become a good leader you must:

¡ (a) be a pessimist.
¡ (b) constantly argue.
¤ (c) be willing to accept responsibility.
¡ (d) develop a stubborn attitude.

36. What does the Shield represent on the SkillsUSA emblem?

¡ (a) democracy
¡ (b) liberty
¤ (c) patriotism
¡ (d) The United States of America

37. When seeking employment you should:

¡ (a) know what the company does.
¡ (b) know the name of the person you are meeting.
¡ (c) have an appointment in advance.
¤ (d) all of the above.

38. The symbol of the emblem that represents the industrial society is:

¡ (a) the shield.
¤ (b) the gear.
¡ (c) the flaming torch.
¡ (d) the orbital circles.

39. Which one is a false parliamentary procedure rule?

¡ (a) one person presides to enforce the rules
¡ (b) only one question (subject) can be discussed at a time
¤ (c) the decision of the minority of members must be followed
¡ (d) each member should have an opportunity to express an idea or opinion

40. Which of the following are part of the SkillsUSA creed?

¡ (a) dignity of work
¡ (b) The American Way of Life
¡ (c) education
¤ (d) all of the above

41. Which of the following would NOT normally be found in a trade journal?

¡ (a) listings of trade shows or educational seminars related to your trade
¡ (b) articles by experts in the field
¤ (c) short stories written by novelists from selected entertainment sectors
¡ (d) new concepts, trends, products and equipment in your occupational field

42. When applying for a job, the first step is filling out a/an:

¡ (a) employment preference.
¡ (b) resume.
¡ (c) W-2 form.
¤ (d) job application.

43. What does the color blue represent in the SkillsUSA emblem?

¡ (a) the state of the union
¡ (b) the union of all individuals
¡ (c) the individual states and chapters
¤ (d) the common union of the states and chapters

44. To make a motion at a meeting, you must state your motion by saying:

¡ (a) "I feel we should".
¤ (b) "I move that".
¡ (c) "I make the motion that".
¡ (d) "Yo, I wanna do this".

45. The SkillsUSA officer responsible for presiding over and conducting meetings in the absence of the president is the:

¡ (a) secretary.
¡ (b) president.
¤ (c) vice president.
¡ (d) sergeant-at-arms.

46. When traveling, what is the expected gratuity for good service in a restaurant?

¡ (a) 5-10%
¡ (b) 10-15%
¤ (c) 15-20%
¡ (d) 20-25%

47. When preparing to give a presentation you should:

¡ (a) become an expert on your topic.
¡ (b) know your audience.
¡ (c) practice, practice, practice.
¤ (d) all of the above.

48. Which of the following does not belong in a portfolio?

¡ (a) photos of a project
¡ (b) letters of recommendation
¤ (c) pictures of your vacation
¡ (d) all of the above

49. Which officer is responsible for roll call?

¡ (a) president
¤ (b) secretary
¡ (c) treasurer
¡ (d) vice president

50. According to basic parliamentary procedure:

¡ (a) only second year members may vote.
¡ (b) only members completing the PDP may vote.
¡ (c) students can only express their opinion if they do not vote.
¤ (d) every member has a right to express ideas or opinions.

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