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Electrical Construction Wiring - Judges Comments



The following comments have been forwarded by the judges of the Electrical Construcion Wiring State Competition in an effort to warn instructors and contestants of past infractions which have cost contestants points. Forewarned is Forearmed.


Box overfill
(NEC 370-16) Make sure the boxes you use are large enough to accommodate all conductors and devices. Any license exam will include questions on box fill calculations.


Loose connections
To perform safely and correctly, all electrical connections are required to be tight. NEC 110-14 requires a "thoroughly good connection." Solid conductors around a binding screw should be made clockwise at least 2/3 wrap around the screw using 12-15 inch-lbs. torque. No more than one conductor may be wrapped around a binding screw. Stranded conductors that terminate under a binding screw should use a spade lug or similar connection device.


Damaged boxes
If nonmetallic boxes are used and broken they should be replaced. (NEC110-3(a) & 90-7


Couplings and connectors
Couplings and connectors for EMT shall be made up tight. (NEC 348-10) Loose locknuts, set screws or fittings will count off your score.


Proper securing of NM cable is essential. Cable beneath staple should be snug but the sheath should never be damaged by the staple.


Neat and workman-like!
Good work looks good and good work works good! Pay attention to detail. Read all instructions that come with any equipment you use.


Equipment grounding conductors
250-148 deals with attaching the equipment grounding conductors to metal boxes as well as the device.



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