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SkillsUSA Oklahoma TEKsystems Job Postings Page

Last Revised: 19 March, 2012

TEKsystems LogoThe following MOCK JOB POSTINGS are courtesy of TEKsystems Tulsa office, and are for the sole use of OK SkillsUSA Contestants and their instructors.

A BIG Thank You to Joe Somerville, Lincoln Kent, Taft Welch, and Jennifer Kitt of TEKsystems for their assistance with this project and their support for Oklahoma SkillsUSA!

  • Contestant resumes for the following events may be emailed to Joe Somerville of TEKsystems at jsomervi@teksystems.com.
    • Computer Maintenance Technology
    • Internetworking
    • Telecommunications Cabling
    • Residential/Commercial Wiring
  • Resumes should be written for one of the specific Job Postings at the bottom of this page and the cover letter should be clear WHICH job posting you are applying for.
  • Resumes should clearly indicate which contest you are competing in.
  • Resumes SHOULD NOT contain student personal information such as home address, phone number, cell number, or email address.
  • Substitute instructor contact information.  Use your instructor's name and school as your first reference.
  • This is an elective participation activity.
  • Students WILL still need to bring a paper copy of their resume to the contest as required, as well.

    Mock Job Postings:

    Possible pending description for Residential/Commercial Wiring

    Computer Operator

    Cable Technician

    Security and Fire Alarm Technician

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