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State Conference Memo


Registration for the Oklahoma SkillsUSA Leadership Conference and Skill Championships is due online by 5:00p.m. on Friday, March 6th!

Access the online SkillsUSA Conference Registration system.

Registration fee is $60 for each student and $30 for each advisor.

State conference registration will only be accepted through our online registration process.  If you do not have access to the internet in your classroom or office please contact someone at your school who does.  Registering on the internet will simplify the process in the state office and minimize errors.  It will be each instructor's responsibility to complete the registration process by the March 6 deadline.  If there is a regional/district elimination competition for your contest area, please verify that the students you register are eligible to compete at the state level.  (Refer to the Competitive Events Listing on the homepage). 

A student who competes and wins a district/regional competition is not automatically registered for the state contest!

Please make sure requisitions for registration dollars are made at the same time you register on the internet!  You will have the ability to print a Fee Summary/Invoice for your finance office at the time of registration. ($60 per student and $30 per advisor plus any late fees and any contest material fees) Please ask your finance office to pay from these invoices.   

Your registration fee will include admittance to the SkillsUSA Champions Festival and also provide you with a conference t-shirt (to help with security issues - please wear this t-shirt when attending the entertainment night).


More information coming soon!



Upon arrival at the hotel, registration will be facilitated by: (1) leaving students on the bus and (2) bringing school purchase order, school tax exemption form, hotel confirmation slip and copies of the SkillsUSA Housing Reservation Form to the hotel's registration desk.

PLEASE NOTE:  Hotel check-in time is 4:00 p.m. A school purchase order must accompany the reservation form/rooming list for "direct billing" procedures. Hotel check-in procedures will be completed as rooms become available in the hotel. Upon check-in, the hotels will ask for each advisor’s signature on a release that holds that individual and their school responsible for all guestrooms for which that advisor is responsible.  Any charges incurred because of damage to the guestrooms or extensive cleaning that might be needed will be the responsibility of the advisor who signed the release.  In addition, each advisor (one per 8 rooms) will be given a pre check-in report and a post check-out report.  Each advisor will check all eight rooms for any damages, cleanliness, etc, prior to the students occupying the rooms.  The advisor will turn in the checklist on the day of arrival to the front office manager on duty.  Upon check-out each advisor will inspect all eight rooms for damages, cleanliness, etc, and turn in the checklist to the front office manager on duty before leaving the hotel.   All room keys must be returned to front desk during check-out by advisor.  Each school will be responsible for unpaid charges left on account at time of check-out and any property damage within their assigned room blocks. An advisor must make any arrangements for check-out after 12 noon with hotel staff.


The State Officer and National Officer Candidate Nomination Form is also available for download. This form is due in the State SkillsUSA Office by March 6. A school may nominate three students for office as follows:  one student for a High School State Office, one student for High School National Officer Candidate and one student for Postsecondary National Officer Candidate.  Please refer to the Campaign Guidelines that have been established.

Please encourage your students to seek state and national SkillsUSA offices!  Candidacy for state and national office is valuable information to include on resumes and, if elected, the leadership training that students receive will help them develop a competitive edge in job-search activities.  NOTE: Officer candidates that do not pass the SkillsUSA knowledge test will not be eligible for office.


Smoking by any SkillsUSA high school student is strictly prohibited.  Smoking for post-secondary students and advisors is not permitted while wearing official SkillsUSA attire.  Please review Student Conduct Practices and Procedures (or your locally developed Code of Conduct) with students before arriving in Tulsa.  Students need to have a clear idea of what is expected of them while they are representing your school and Oklahoma SkillsUSA at this event.   A Medical Release Form is available for your use unless your local administration prefers the use of a locally developed form.  Obtain the proper signatures on the Student Conduct Practices and Procedures and Medical Release FormsThese forms are to be kept by the advisor or another designated school official during the conference.  Submit a CTSO Conference Information Sheet to the appropriate administrator at your school and bring a copy with an accurate list of participants with you.

This Suggestions for Adults Responsible for Supervising Students is to help new teachers and remind veteran teachers of the advisor’s role at a State SkillsUSA Conference.  Hotel damages by students during previous State Conferences has not only affected SkillsUSA's reputation but it has also resulted in an increase in room rates!  Proper supervision and a student orientation will prevent further embarrassment and expense by Oklahoma SkillsUSA!  Please review and utilize the attached forms to ensure the students from your school have a safe and successful SkillsUSA experience.


A tentative State Conference Schedule and a tentative Skill Contest Locations will be available soon. Please keep in mind, these are tentative and there is a possibility of room changes!! Always confirm these times and locations through the contest memos before leaving  for conference. 

A complete conference program showing times and locations will be available for you and your students when you complete on-site Conference Registration at the Downtown Doubletree Hotel on Sunday, April 19.  Occupational Skill Contestant Meetings required for Skill Contestants will be held on Sunday afternoon/evening, April 19 at the Tulsa Convention Center, the Crowne Plaza, OSUIT and area technology centers.

State Officer Candidates and National Officer Candidates will give their campaign speech at a Delegate Meeting on Sunday evening at the Doubletree Hotel.  All skill contests will be conducted in the Tulsa Convention Center, various Technology Center sites, and at OSUIT in Okmulgee on Monday.  The General Session and Awards Ceremony will be in the arena at the Tulsa Convention Center on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.


The winners in the Leadership contests and Job Readiness contests will be recognized Monday night during the General Session at the Tulsa Convention Center.  Contests which will be recognized on Monday night are: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Chapter Business Procedure, Quiz Bowl, Community Service, Job Interview, Prepared Speech, Extemporaneous Speech, Job Skill Demonstration A&O, Action Skills and all Job Readiness Contests, including Carpet Maintenance, Floral Design, Hard Surface Maintenance, Horticulture, Low Speed Buffing, Grounds Equipment Operation, Small Engine Parts ID, Standard Riding Mower, Zero Turning Radius Mower, Tool Identification, and Welding, Job Readiness.


SkillsUSA Oklahoma Alumni & Friends Association will be providing a variety of choices of entertainment for our students.  This entertainment is included in your registration fee, but you must wear your conference t-shirt to enter.  This will ensure all participants are members of our conference and increase security.  All entertainment will be held at the Downtown Doubletree.  There will be a number of games available to choose from.  There will be no backpacks allowed in the entertainment rooms.  The entertainment will end at 11:30 p.m. and curfew will be at 12:00 midnight.  We will, of course, need all advisors to be present during this event.  More specific information will be coming soon!!


Please be aware that the Industry Prizes/Awards will be distributed on the first floor of the Tulsa Convention Center in the Conference Hall after the awards ceremony.  No student, parent, administrator, advisor or instructor will be allowed in this area until after the Awards Ceremony has ended! We encourage you to keep your students in the arena until the ceremony is over.  Please inform your delegation.

To speed up the process of prize check in, please bring the following documents complete with all information:

  • Industry Awards Information Tags - Complete and adhere a tag to every prize so that the winning student will have the information to send a thank you.
  • Industry Awards Information Sheet - Complete this sheet with all information concerning who donated what.  The SkillsUSA Oklahoma state office will also send a thank you letter so please make sure you have a complete mailing address.


Again this year, Oklahoma SkillsUSA is asking for your help.  Students serving as Courtesy Corps have been a great part of making the conference happen in the past.  By serving as courtesy corps the students' $60 registration fee will be waived.  By doing this though, the student will be expected to serve as a volunteer in ways not limited to setting up or tearing down contest areas and/or delivering lunches or supplies to staff and competitors.  Courtesy corps students will need to be available on Sunday until after the delegate session ends and on Monday until after the skills contest area is completely disassembled and the General Session has ended. Please  see the state conference page on the website for the application and additional details.

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