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Local Sample Constitution






Section 1. The official name of this organization shall be the _______________ Association of the Technology Student Association and may be referred to as _______________ TSA.


Section 1. The purposes of the Association are:

(1) To assist members in the growth and development of TSA.

(2) To increase the knowledge and understanding of our industrial technological society.

(3) To assist TSA members in the making of informed and meaningful occupational choices.


Section 1. The ________________ Association of TSA is an Association of Technology Education students in the school.

Section 2. The administration of _________________ TSA will be vested in the Chapter Advisor and Chapter Officers.


Section 1. Membership is TSA will be through the local chapter.

Section 2. ______________ TSA will be chartered as a member of TSA Incorporated, upon approval of the State Association.

Section 3. Classes of membership which shall be recognized by the ______________ Association of TSA shall be Active, Associate, Alumni, Professional, and Honorary/Honorary Life Member.

Section 4. Active members shall be students who are presently enrolled in or who have satisfactorily completed a state-approved technology education course. An active member shall pay dues as established to hold an office, to participate in competitive events or projects, to serve as a voting delegate, or to otherwise represent their association as may be approved by their association.

Section 5. Associate members shall be students who are enrolled in related fields of instruction with emphasis in technology education, or who have been previously enrolled in technology education programs. An associate member shall pay dues as established by the ______________ Association of TSA. Associate members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Section 6. Alumni members shall consist of those individuals who have completed a technology education program (have been a former active or associate TSA member) and who have graduated from or left school. Alumni members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Section 7. Professional members are those persons engaged in education, business, and industry who have an interest in TSA and in the welfare of technology education. Professional members shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Section 8. Honorary/Honorary Life Members may be individuals who have made or are making contributions to the advancement of technology education as may be approved by the state TSA executive committee, and shall be exempt from annual dues.

Section 9. The membership shall be July 1 to June 30.


Section 1. All students who have paid their membership dues are allowed to vote.


Section 1. ______________ TSA shall hold a monthly general assembly meeting, which will be set up by the executive committee.

Section 2. The executive committee shall have the right to set up special meetings.


Section 1. Officers of the ______________ Association of TSA shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Reporter.

Section 2. These officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the voting members and shall hold this office for one year and until new officers are elected.


Section 1. The emblem and colors of the _____________ Association of TSA shall be the same as those adopted by State and National TSA.


Section 1. The motto and creed of the ____________ Association of TSA shall be the same as those adopted by the State and National Association of TSA.


Section 1 Such rules, regulations, and bylaws as are seen necessary for the proper conduct of this organization shall be adopted.

Section 2. No rules, regulations, or bylaws shall be adopted which are contrary to this constitution.

Section 3. In all meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall serve as standard procedure.



Section 1. Eligibility

To serve as officers, students must meet all of the following requirements:

(1) Remain in good standing with the local, state, and national organizations and maintain above-average grades in all school work.

(2) Secure the written permission of the local administration to complete the duties and responsibilities associated with the office.

(3) Have properly completed and submitted the officer nomination form to the local advisor prior to the published deadline.

Section 2. Election Procedure

(1) Local officers shall be elected by delegates who have been selected by the membership.

(2) Nomination of local officers shall be submitted on the nomination form supplied by the local advisor and received by the local advisor by the set deadline.

(3) A member may nominate a maximum of two candidates for local office.

(4) Voting shall be by ballot and each officer shall be voted upon separately.

(5) Graduating seniors are not eligible to hold local office.

Section 3. Tenure

(1) All officers shall serve for one year. The terms of office will begin immediately after the adjournment of the following year’s first meeting.

Section 4. (1) Vacancies that occur for local offices due to lack of candidates for that office will be filled by appointment of the local executive committee.

(2) A vacancy occurring in the unexpired term of local President shall automatically be filled by the Vice President. In the event the Vice President is unable to perform this duty, the executive committee shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy or conduct a special election to fill the vacancy. Nominees will be selected by the executive committee.

(3) A vacancy occurring in the unexpired term of the office of Vice President, Secretary, Reporter, Treasurer, or Sergeant-at-Arms will be filed by appointment of the executive committee or by a special election held by the executive committee. Nominees will be selected by the executive committee.


Section 1. Responsibilities of all local officers shall include the following:

(1) Lead ____________ TSA to the best of his/her ability keeping in mind the highest standards and ideals of the association.

(2) Obtain official TSA dress before representing _________________ association in an official capacity.

(3) Attend and represent ______________ TSA at all the local functions.

Section 2. Specific individual officer duties shall include the following:

(1) President

a. Preside at the conduct meetings according to parliamentary


b. Appoint committees and serve as ex officio member of each

except the executive committee.

c. Keep the meetings moving at an interesting pace.

d. Call upon other officers to take the chair when necessary or


e. Keep chapter activities progressing in a satisfactory manner.

f. Represent the chapter in outside activities.

(2) Vice President

a. Assist the President

b. Serve as President in the absence of the President.

c. Succeed the President in case of vacancy.

d. Serve as chairperson of the membership and program


e. Meet with and be responsible for all committees.

(3) Secretary

a. Prepare and read the minutes of each meeting.

b. Count and record member votes.

c. Read correspondence and communications at meetings.

d. Keep local permanent records.

e. Post notices to members pertaining to local activities and send

invitations to guests.

f. Be responsible for local correspondence.

g. Call the meeting to order in the absence of a presiding officer.

(4) Treasurer

a. Report all financial standings at each meeting.

b. Obtain and present ideas and suggestions for increasing the

treasury and financing activities.

c. Assist with planning and arranging local activities.

(5) Reporter

a. Prepare articles for publication.

b. Contact members to obtain news regarding the chapter.

c. Contact personnel in charge of other publications and provide

copy conforming to their requests.

d. Act as historian of the chapter by keeping chapter publications


e. Assist with planning and arranging chapter exhibits.

f. Act as editor of chapter publications with the responsibility of

developing and publishing.

(6) Sergeant-at-Arms

a. Serve as parliamentarian for the chapter.

b. Arrange meeting rooms and care for chapter paraphernalia.

c. Be responsible for the comfort of those present at all meetings.

d. Assist officer candidates prior to and during elections.

e. Arrange entertainment, refreshments, and other details related to meeting programs.


Section 1. Dues

(1) Local membership dues shall be $__________ per member as determined by the executive committee with approval from the membership at the annual state conference.

(2) Dues for the local chapter shall be paid by each active member of the local chapter in order for the local chapter to become affiliated with the State Association.

(3) The amount set by the National Board of Directors of TSA as national dues shall be collected by the local advisor and forwarded to the state office by the established annual deadline.

(4) Each local chapter shall determine the amount of dues to be collected for use by the local chapter.

Section 2. Expenditures

(1) The local advisor shall collect monies and make disbursements for the association.

(2) Expenditures shall be for the welfare and promotion of the chapter.


Section 1. Executive Committee

(1) The executive committee shall consist of all local elected officers, the local advisor, and the school principal. The local advisor will act as chairperson of this committee.

(2) The executive committee shall act on behalf of the chapter as necessary to promote the general welfare of the chapter when the chapter is not in session.

Section 2. Program Committee

(1) The program committee shall consist of the Vice President and three other officers.

(2) The program committee shall be responsible for the educational and recreational portion of the program.

Section 3. Membership Committee

(1) The membership committee shall consist of the Vice President as chairperson, the President, and one member.

Section 4. Special Committees

(1) Special committees may be appointed by the President whenever deemed necessary.


Section 1. Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

(1) Amendments shall be submitted by the active members of chapter.

(2) Amendments shall be submitted in writing to the local advisor. Proposed amendments must be signed by at lest two active members and must be posted a minimum of 60 days before the business meeting in which they will be introduced.

(3) The amendments must have been submitted in writing to each member at least two weeks prior to the business meeting in which they will be considered.

(4) The amendments shall be read to the membership at the second general meeting but may not be voted upon until the second general session. The amendments shall be read a second time to the membership and a vote taken.

(5) A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be necessary for adoption of amendments.

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