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TSA State Officer Code of Ethics


Be totally dedicated to the total program of Career and Technology Education and the Technology Students Association.

Be willing to commit the entire year to state officer activities and be willing to forego offices in organizations whose awards and achievement programs conflict with TSA.

Be willing, and able to travel to official activities without involvement creating conflicts at home, work, or extra curricular activities related to school.

Work diligently to develop into an effective public speaker and project a desirable image of TSA at all times.

Regularly be on time with all thank you notes, letters, reports, and correspondence that is necessary and desirable.

Work constantly to improve ability to carry on meaningful and enjoyable conversations with individuals of all ages and walks of life.

Search out and accept constructive criticism and evaluation of total performance.

Keep up-to-date on current events.

You should forego all alcohol and tobacco while involved in official or unofficial activity, which represents TSA, and act accordingly in public.

Maintain proper cleanliness and grooming at all times: Hairstyles should be professional in appearance.
(a) For gentlemen: No sideburns below the earlobe. Beards and mustaches are
prohibited. Hairstyles must be no longer than the bottom of the collar in back, and
the top of the eyebrow in front, and above the tip of the earlobe on the sides.

(b) For ladies: Hairstyles should be professional in appearance.

Treat all TSA members equally by not favoring one over another.

Avoid places or activities, which in any way would raise questions as to moral character or conduct. In addition, any content I post on such things as My Space, Facebook, YouTube or other sites and my email address must be reviewed by my advisor, parent or guardian. I also understand that these websites will be monitored and I may be requested to remove material.

Consider girl or boyfriends as secondary to officer responsibilities during all official officer activities.

Use wholesome language in all speeches and informal conversations.

Avoid participation in and actively discourage any conversations, which belittle or downgrade fellow TSA members, officers and adults.

Serve as a member of the team, and always maintaining a cooperative attitude.

Be willing to take and follow instructions as directed by those responsible.

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