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national conf

National Conference

National Conference



    2011 National Conference Information


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            TSA National Conference


    National TSA Information

TSA is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE), the Association for Career and Technology Education (ACTE), and the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) as the only national student organization devoted exclusively to the needs of the Technology Education students.
PITSCO Inc. is the only company designated to provide official TSA items and chapter paraphernalia to TSA members and chapters.
TSA Incorporated is the legal identity of the adult group responsible for the overall operation and administration of the student program of TSA.
In the year of 1978, TSA incorporated, branching off from the International Technology Education Association (ITEA), becoming an independent student organization.
The first independent TSA National Conference was held in Memphis, Tennessee.
The TSA Board of Directors is similar to the congress of the United States as it legislates policy for National TSA.
the National TSA President serves on the Board of Directors as the student representative.



    National Conference Locations

Thirty-Fourth Nashville, TN 2012
Thirty-Third Dallas, TX 2011
Thirty-Second Baltimore, MD 2010
Thirty-First Denver, CO 2009
Thirtieth Orlando, FL 2008
Twenty-Ninth Nashville, TN 2007
Twenty-Eighth Dallas, TX 2006
Twenty-Seventh Chicago, IL 2005
Twenty-Sixth Nashville, TN 2004
Twenty-Fifth Orlando, FL 2003
Twenty-Fourth Denver, CO 2002
Twenty-Third Richmond, VA 2001
Twenty-Second Atlanta, GA 2000
Twenty-First Tulsa, OK 1999
Twentieth Pittsburgh, PA 1998
Nineteenth Washington D.C. 1997
Eighteenth Louisville, KY 1996
Seventeenth Chicago, IL 1995
Sixteenth Orlando, FL 1994
Fifteenth Nashville, TN 1993
Fourteenth Richmond, VA 1992
Thirteenth Tulsa, OK 1991
Twelfth Corpus Christi, TX 1990
Eleventh Winston-Salem, NC 1989
Tenth Downingtown, PA 1988
Ninth Baton Rouge, LA 1987
Eighth Wichita, KS 1986
Seventh Orlando, FL 1985
Sixth Knoxville, TN 1984
Fifth Houston, TX 1983
Fourth Norfolk, VA 1982
Third Tulsa, OK 1981
Second Gatlinburg, TN 1980
First Memphis, TN 1979


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