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State Officer Team


Alyvea Sloan 2017

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Alyvea Sloan


Hey, Oklahoma TSA! I am Alyvea Sloan and I am a Junior at Santa Fe High School.  I am so excited to serve as your State President this year!  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great year!  Good luck in all your competitions!

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Vice President

Tanner Thomas


Hey Oklahoma TSA!  I am your State Vice President, Tanner Thomas.  Words cannot express how ecstatic I am to serve you for another awesome year.  So buckle up and hold on tight, because it is going to be an amazing adventure!

Tanner Thomas 2017

Justin Yang 2017

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Justin Yang


Hey, Oklahoma TSA!  I am so excited for an amazing year serving you guys as your new state secretary!!  Remember, as a state officer I am here to serve you, so never be afraid to come talk to me!  Thanks for being in TSA and allowing me this opportunity!  I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Naveen Thavathiru


Hey Oklahoma TSA! My name is Naveen Thavathiru, and I am from Edmond Santa Fe High School. I am very excited to be able to serve as your new Oklahoma TSA State Treasurer. I am grateful to be a part of the development and growth of this association and its members. I can not wait to meet all of you throughout this upcoming year and watch you succeed as leaders and competitors. Please feel free to contact me on social media and come talk to me during any of the conferences. Good luck on all of your endeavors and I hope to see you around!

Naveen Thavathiru 2017

Mickey Loveless 2017

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Mickey Loveless


Hello Oklahoma TSA, I am Mickey Loveless and I am so excited to serve you this year! I am home schooled and going to be a senior. I am originally from California. I love to dance, program, and am very friendly. If you see me at minis or any function, feel free to stop me and say hi. I’d love to meet you!

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Rileigh Richardson


Hey Oklahoma TSA!  I am Rileigh Richardson and I proudly serve as your Oklahoma TSA Sergeant-At-Arms.  I believe each of you will accomplish great things this year and I look forward to seeing you through out the year!  Thank you for this opportunity!

Rileigh Richardson 2017

Carson Mainka 2017


Region Representative
Carson Mainka


Hey guys! My name is Carson Mainka, and I'm going to be a junior at Alex High School. I'm so excited to be able to serve as your regional representative for the upcoming year! I can't wait to meet and grow with all of you this next year!

Officer Duties

Past State Officers


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