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Caddo Kiowa Technology Center








Campus Location

P.O. Box 190
100 CareerTech Road
Fort Cobb, Oklahoma 73038
(405) 643-5511

Projects and Unique Attributes

For more than 40 years, Caddo Kiowa Technology Center (CKTC) has provided career training, business and industry services and leadership programs to a rural district in southwest Oklahoma. CKTC has a Pre-engineering academy that can accept sophomores in the district. Today, CKTC's Pre-Engineering Academy serves as a model for many others in the state.

Likewise, CKTC's unique and visionary Agricultural Business Management program offers online classes statewide. What's more, courses such as Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant (offered through a partnership between Caddo Kiowa and Southwestern Oklahoma State University) offer significant advancements in healthcare training. And more recently, the board has approved a Biomedical program at CKTC. CKTC also has a superior Truck Driver Training program that provides drivers for several companies across the nation.

Caddo Kiowa has partnerships with 14 school districts and serves high school students from all over the United States and from several different tribes by partnering with Riverside Indian School (a boarding school for Native American students). Additionally, Caddo Kiowa has partnerships with three higher education institutions, as well as several local chambers of commerce and community service organizations.

District Population and Partner Schools

District population is 34,215 based on 2010 census data.  School districts served include Anadarko, Binger-Oney, Boone-Apache, Carnegie, Cement, Cyril, Fort Cobb-Broxton, Gracemont, Hinton, Hydro-Eakly, Lookeba-Sickles, Mountain View-Gotebo and Verden.

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