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Mid-America Technology Center


MATC Eagle Flight_long.jpg


Campus Location

27438 State Highway 59
P.O. Box H
Wayne, OK 73095
(405) 449-3391

Projects and Unique Attributes

Mid-America Technology Center (MATC) serves more than 15,000 students in all or part of eight counties. MATC has full-time students from 18 independent school districts and two dependent school districts. About 80 percent of full-time enrollment consists of high school students.

Business and Industry Services at MATC works continues to have a positive effect on the local economies of all the communities within the district. Although the oil and gas industry dominates the landscape in south central Oklahoma, BIS continues to serve all of the key industry sectors in the district. BIS offers training and services to companies large and small and provides the citizens of the district quality opportunities to improve their skill level and earn higher wages. BIS heavily promotes leadership training through two program offerings and remains in the lead in uniting business leaders through its monthly BIS Council meetings.

Secondary students who reside in the technology center district who are from private and parochial schools, charter schools and home schools, as well as all in-district students up to the age of 22, are eligible to attend tuition free.

District Population and Partner Schools

District population is 103,420 based on 2010 census data. School districts served include Blanchard, Bridge Creek, Byars, Dibble, Elmore City-Pernell, Lexington, Lindsay, Little Axe, Maysville, Newcastle, Noble, Paoli, Paus Valley, Purcell, Stratford, Wanette, Washington, Wayne, Whitebead and Wynnewood.

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